Dragon Head in Google Earth Illusion

Joseph Johnson made a very nice discovery while browsing Google Earth. We can’t get rid of our little dragon – he follows us wherever we go, even in Google Earth :) This one is really awesome, maybe a coincidence, or some ancient civilization made a tribute to their dragon king. Who knows… Its gonna be a rough week. I’m planning to post many of the submissions that overcrowd my mailbox. Stay tuned…

This is what Joseph wrote: “I haven’t seen this anywhere else yet, maybe I’m the first to spot it. Sure looks like a dragon to me.” Few more dragon-reminders: Dragon Illusion no.2 and St. George vs Dragon

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  1. first glance i really thought it was a rooster..i have no idea why. haha then i read the title and i was like ohhhhhhh, well duh! =]]] haha its pretty cool

  2. Lol at the Chuck Norris joke, anonymous.

    Thats really neat, I’ve seen a few strange things on Google Earth pretty recently, but nothing like this . . . I might have to send you some of mine . . . maybe.

  3. no no no,
    u guys are all wrong…

    If you squint, drink some apple cider while singing the abc’s backward, flip your monitor upside down and turn off the computer…

    it looks like a castle surrounded by ninjas attacking the pirates while a bannana slug eats a ham sandwich.

    duh :P

    ( in a non-homosexual way)

  4. You must all realize this is obviously the work of…ALIENS! They drew a picture of what their species looks like in a crop circle! Their coming to get us!

    Ok, on a less creepy note, cool illusion.

  5. this is really bad. What a stretch of imagination this person had just to truy and get a bad picture published on this site. It’s nothing like the man shaped lake, or the Mickey head lake in disney world; But a dragon? UGH!

  6. haha! so kl! XD
    if this is just a coincidence, it’s quite creepy…
    btw, anonymous, how (even if u turn it upside down) does it look like a pig?! u’ll hav 2 point out y!

  7. http://www.mensap2p.com/Imagine_If/SP32-20060424-191110.jpg

    This might be also interesting to aad to you great page of “illusions” This I found also using Google Earth. I call it the “Sleeping Giant”, it is huge 30 miles + long about 15 w3ide..It even has “teeth” is is a fossil or waiying to wake up?

    Well it’s situated just above the Nazca Lines..and clearly theer are muliple heads to be seen. ..I have a thoery… you can contact me if you wish to hear “that”

    If you look carefull at the info, you will be able easily to navigate to this onknown worls wonder and share the awe with me :) I kno w afew more giant too not so far away also in South America….

  8. Great Illusion. If you look up the image on Google Earth and use your imagination it almost looks as if the dragon is stretching itself out.

  9. what are the coordinates for this because that this? that is really awesome, because it is amazing what you can see from the Google earth page!!

  10. its amazing what the mind can conjure up if you stare at it long enough is it coincidence or are higher powers at work here just to entertain or amuse us.

  11. i just found something creepy in google maps!!!above sluice road in europe if you look in the river when it is zoomed out a bit it looks like a massive fish is grinning but if you zoom in to it it looks like a massive piece of steel with a picture of a train

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