Dodecahedron Installment Optical Illusion

A Dodecahedron is a 12 faced polyhedron with 20 verticals and thirty edges. It’s a 3D geometric object. You can see the example in the first image below. The optical illusion behind this installment is obvious only when you see the second photo. Dodecahedron Optical Illusion is composed of a bunch of random floating chunks of wood. As they appear to be randomly spread around the area, when viewed from the correct angle they form a perfect Dodecahedron. More precisely, this installment is created from dozens of seemingly random positioned parts that obtain cohesive structure only when viewed from certain angle. Bunch of similar examples can be found on this site. Starting from Felice Varini’s circles, all the way to Bicycle Installment and that strange installment from Hungary. I’m not quite sure who is the artist behind this amazing illusion, but if you find some info, be sure to share through comments.

36 Replies to “Dodecahedron Installment Optical Illusion”

  1. thats amazing! theres only one lsight flaw on the top most wood beam, other then that its perfect

    (1st comment?!)

  2. @3, 4, 9:
    No, you weren’t the first comment. You fail. Even if you were, it’s a waste of cyberspace to announce it triumphantly.

    Very cool illusion.

  3. Well finally i found it!!! U can see the shadows of the damn thing on the wall !!!!! that’s why he put this image in Blackandwhite !!! to confuse shadows with the damn thing !

  4. its funny that a couple of you said first comment, when you weren’t even close. even if you we’re, would it really make you feel that cool? get a life

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