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By on December 20, 2013, with 4 Comments

I recently ran an experiment on the MoIllusions.com Facebook page and I asked some of you what are some of your favorite types of optical illusions. The responses I got were quite overwhelming and it didn’t take me long to see that you all absolutely love brain teaser optical illusions. I promised in the post that I would start doing more brain teasers on the site, so that way you would all be more happy with the optical illusions that I’m posting every single day. Therefore, I’m going to give you all exactly what you want. Below, you’ll come across a brain teaser that I personally enjoy. The object of this brain teaser is to decide whether or not there are different shades of red contained in the image.

Different Shades of Red Optical Illusion

So, by looking at the image above, does it look like there are two different shades of red to you? Leave you comment below in the comments section and let us know. I really hope you enjoyed this brain teaser optical illusion. If so, would you mind leaving a rating, so I know that you enjoyed this post? I would highly appreciate it. Also, feel free to share this optical illusion with your friends and see what they have to say.


Are you curious as to whether or not there are two shades of red in the image above? I’m about to answer the question for you. No, there are not two shades of red in the optical illusion above.


4 Responses
  1. Rick M says:

    Both the Red and the Blue seem a deeper shade in the top left half, even though the colours are identical. A real puzzler!

  2. Blair says:

    If you block either half of the lettering where it changes shades, it becomes apparent that the red is the same shade, but the blue is two different shades.

    Good illusion!

  3. kicky bird says:

    while it looks like 2 shades I beleive that is 1 shade red ,however i think that the white border on the blue letters makes the perception look otherwise.

  4. CCC says:

    Look at it with your eyes normally opened and u’ll see darker / lighter red split by diagonal.
    But now try to almost close your eyes and look thru your eyelashes… RED is the same…, no darker, no lighter, just RED…

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