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By on January 20, 2012, with 31 Comments

Karl Kwasny is an Australian illustrator, currently based in Manhattan, New York. Few days ago one of our readers (thanks Neli!) sent me this illustration Karl made, followed by a poem which can be found immediately after the picture. I tend not to post skull illusions that often, probably cause we’ve seen so many, but occasionally such a nice item appears it would be shame had we left it aside. The illusion it hides is quite easy to see, and the story it holds is for you to imagine!

Deep In The Forest...

Deep in the forest, where heavy feet sink,
you mightn’t be quite as alone as you think!


31 Responses
  1. eric says:

    why are little girls so creepy?

    • caitlin says:

      good Q but i dont know maybe cuz the ummm movie withthe two twin girls from the shineing iforgot cuz they are creepy

  2. lena says:

    I don’t get it…

  3. Rebekah says:

    Take a few steps back from your pc and squint your eyes, taking in the shape of the picture, rather than it’s details. Can you see the skull? The little girls head is its eye, and the bottom of the dress, it’s teeth. Hope this helps. (Awesome pic by the way. Like an eerie Alice in Wonderland) x

  4. Ross Hill says:

    The guy sticking his head out? Is that the illusion?

  5. Ross Hill says:

    Oh! It’s a skull!

  6. Jenny says:

    No offense to Karl Kwasny, but I find a disconnect with opticial illusion and the poem. The poem indicates that while you may feel alone in the forest, someone may be watching you as noted by the faint image of the boy in the background. However, the optical illusion is an image of a skull that is usually a symbol of darker themes. Unless the artist is trying to imply that the little boy intends to hurt/kill the girl, I feel the image and poem do not match at all.

  7. lynnette says:

    It’s a skull from the side, a profile view.

  8. 423423 says:

    is a skull

  9. me123987645 says:

    I saw the skull right away (I have the widget on my desktop though) and didn’t notice anthing else until I went on the website.

  10. Zaz says:

    i knowticed the skull. it makes me think of Alice of human sacrafice. Epic spagetti on awsome sawse!

  11. Ice says:

    I don’t see the skull!!!

    • Ice says:

      Never mind, i was just focusing too much on the girl and the boy. What does the illusion or picture mean?

  12. Denneal says:

    i dnt get it ??????? what is suppost to be

  13. Peryroyl says:

    Because they grow up to be big girls Eric. lol

  14. Larry says:

    The puzzle is the word “cause”. Good ole’ ‘mericun slang at it’s best? Spell checkers have made us lazy.

    I do enjoy these, though.

  15. Nadine says:

    this is like soo awesome but the little boy looks scarey to me LOL!

  16. Care Bear says:

    Ooooh, goodie. Skulls. My favorite ever since I discovered “Vanity.”

  17. Jeff Wright says:

    It is the right side profile of a skull. very weird.

  18. Jeff Wright says:

    I also noticed the trees were shifting too. Did anybody else notice that?

  19. fossda says:

    i saw the skull immediately as i looked at the thumbnail.

  20. Joanne says:

    The skull is beautifully done. The story – who is the predator and who is the prey? I guess keeping it ambiguous is part of the illusion.

  21. RN says:

    Very cool illusion, but the kid in the woods is creepy.

  22. eee efff geee says:

    It’s a skull I know……but I am in love with this picture :D

  23. Zaz says:

    u guyes should look up Alice of Human sacrfice! it matches this pic PERFICTLY!!

  24. cool froggy says:

    saw the skull first then alice… is that normal? :>

  25. sheeeeeshh. the poem does not correspond to the picture. mainly, i thought the boy was a ghost because of the skull. later, i found you just intended to shape out a picture from your damned poem.. like the poem though.

  26. VictoryA says:

    I wear glasses (when my eyes are naked, i cant see within 15 inches of me, everything blurs) so when i took them off i saw the skull! So cool!

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