Deceiving Billboard Ads – Part IV

It’s time for the “Deceiving Billboards” again! We already posted 3 sets in the past, whose links you may find below the first photo. I have beat myself again – you’ll notice there are almost 30 billboards posted this time. Each one is special, and has that optical illusion feeling. I’m positive they will all trigger you in some way. Either making you laugh, or simply making you scream “Wow!” Did you understand how each one works? Which example is the best, and which one doesn’t deserve to be there? Will you share this post with your friends? Will you Stumble it? Do you still like this kind of submissions? Questions, questions, questions…. Enjoy!

39 Replies to “Deceiving Billboard Ads – Part IV”

  1. MADD = Mothers Against Drink Driving

    I think they are portraying that you’re in a wheelchair after a road accident.

    The Panda one isn’t an illusion tho…just thoughtless vandals

    All great posters…keep up the good work :-)

  2. Yes, I enjoy these ones as well. Wouldn’t it be great if we could harness the creativity of the ad meisters to be used for Good instead of greed.

    My favourites are the Mustang billboards. Are they see-through (glass, plexi, plastic) or are they painted to look fuzzy?

  3. The MADD one is trying to represent a skull. If you notice, the title of the image (madres calavera) means mothers skull in Spanish

  4. i love these! i checked out the other’s you posted too, just awesome^^ i had to take a second look at the bag with the ladies fingers, haha!

  5. The first few were nice.
    Especially the palm tree and the one before it.

    Awesome website. Thanks so much. =)

    By the way, did you see the face in the palm-tree billboard? The right side of the billboard, the first palm tree. Look at the trunk and blur your eyes. Or move back from the screen.

  6. The MADD billboard shows a skull using the outline of the vivible sky with the hats making the eyes and nose…or so it looks to me.
    Love this site!!!!!

  7. Billboards and advertising seek to subconsiously warp and controll your mind. How bout this one:

    A guy standing there with a pair of $300 sunglasses…caption:

    Do you need any more proof advertising impeeds your jungement?


  8. and i didnt get the one with the woman and the robot dog.

    is it just that is the extension of her dress? the outter line that makes the dress continues as the dogs head… or the sth like a face in the dogs head?

  9. this is fantastic work. how do you find all these? are these all in one town because i never see any posters like this! v. fun. FixitDave: the panda looks like he has just karate kicked through a glass wall. lol. keep it up, my faves are the ones on the buses.

  10. escaped convict – I know that it does look like that, but the glass on the floor shows it has really been smashed…the bus company will put the costs up to repair the damages…as I said, mindless

  11. to FixitDave
    seriously? i walked on that”glass” once ,its painted to the ground! besides, they make those covers out of plastic now. duhh!!!!

  12. Hey, for those who didn`t understand the one with the woman in a yellow dress…
    Look at the “Robodog’s” face…
    That’s all u need to know

  13. I just found this one. Way too late, I guess. And this is one of the coolest posts ever. Most are cool and funny. Except for two I don’t get:

    – The guy on the zebra cross. What’s he doing there and what does he represent? What’s the illusion? What should we interpret that for? If there’s any you asked that shouldn’t be here, I’d say this is it.

    – The one above the woman with the robot dog (I get that one) the one that said “as real as it gets” What is that? Can somebody explain?

  14. @Spider

    Guy on the zebra crosswalk is “Mr. Clean”, a cleaning product. Hence, the stripe he cleaned is the brightest.

    The “As Real as it Gets” is an ad for Photoshop. If you’ve ever used Photoshop, you’ll recognize all of the controls represented as real-life objects.

  15. the yellow dress and the robotic dog look at his face theres another face in it looking up tht girls dress. but i dont get the wieght watchers one can someone explain it?

  16. The Weight Watchers one is supposed to look sideways because its supposed to look like a fat person is on one side of the bus, so it’s leaning over…lol

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