Death in Lake Erie Waves

If you’ve ever seen Lake Erie, you know just how beautiful it can be. All of the Great Lakes are quite beautiful, and the entire region itself is stunning. But, like all large wonders of Mother Nature, even something as beautiful as a mighty lake can have a dark side. I’ve lived next to Lake Erie, and I know just how volatile and unforgiving it can be at times. That’s why when I saw some photos taken by David Sandford the other day of the turbulent┬áLake Erie waves, I was just transfixed!

One of the images in particular really caught my eye…

lake erie waves

See something a little sinister here? Some people see a skull, but I see Death himself. His face, his robe, and his outstretched arm are all formed by the massive waves of Lake Erie.

It was an amazing shot and definitely a chilling sight!

If the Lake Erie waves were a little too sinister for you, this upside down lake might be a little more your style…

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