Cube Optical Illusion

I’ve ran surveys, looked at stats and I’ve found that all of you absolutely love looking at the brain teaser optical illusions that are posted up on the site, which is one reason we have so many of them. However, new brain teasers don’t come out every single day and good ones are hard to find, regardless. Either way, whenever I find one that’s worth posting, I’m always more than happy to toss it up to see what all of you think about it. Today, I have a brain teaser that’s very similar to ones I’ve posted in the past, but there’s a unique twist to this one. Are you ready to see which brain teaser optical illusion I’m talking about it? Scroll down and you’ll definitely recognize it.


As you can see, this is a classic optical illusion, but with a fairly unique twist to it. Typically, this illusion is portrayed in a flat image, but this time you will see that it’s in the shape of a 3D cube, which makes it a little bit more difficult. Basically, you will want to look at the image above and guess whether or not the lines that the blocks are on in the image are running straight or if the horizontal lines are actually sloping. If you like this image, you can feel free to leave a rating for it to let us know what you think. If you want to leave more in-depth feedback, you can leave a comment below. I read through every single comment, so I love receiving feedback.

4 Replies to “Cube Optical Illusion”

  1. Nice image but… The illusion of it is severely weakened by it being “3D”. It causes you not to believe the illusion of skewing lines and as such I can’t see it at all. The same illusion on a flat plane is very easy to see though and a lot better.

    Nice idea, not working though.

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