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By on June 18, 2008, with 113 Comments

One of the most popular Australians that ever lived – Steve Irwin, also known as “Crocodile Hunter” is main actor of today’s optical illusion. I have to admit, Irwin wasn’t my dearest documentary actor before the tragic event took place. Those of you who don’t know the story, Steve died in 2006 after his chest was fatally pierced by a stingray barb, while filming in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. When this happened, half of the planet was in sorrow. I too shared the compassion – even though I wasn’t a fan of Steve’s acting style. This is simply because he was obviously a very good man, and unspoilt by nature, at least this is my view of him. So in the tribute, I post this nice afterimage I found yesterday. You can see this black and white photo in color, if you simply stare at the white dot in the center. After a minute, the image will automatically change to colorful negative. Keep starring at the dot. Next time the image changes, it will switch back to black and white photo (again), but you’ll be able to see it in full color. This effect happened, because colorful negative has slightly “burnt” in your retina, and will stay like this for few seconds, which is enough for you to see the original b&w photo in color!

Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin   Afterimage Illusion


113 Responses
  1. dr21 says:

    I love this kind of illusion. It reminds me of that castle illusion. Hooray, I have the first comment!

  2. Kyle says:


  3. Faith Lyons says:

    i like this it is pretty cool that is sad wghat happened to him though but his daughter Bindi is cute!

  4. Ggiibbyy says:

    This isn’t an illusion, it’s simply a gif that automatically switches. Nice try.

  5. Anonymous says:

    just loved this one!

  6. cilnia says:

    ggiibby, I think you didn’t get this one… yes it automatically switches, that’s the point. There are 2 different images, one black and white and one negative. The illusion is that when you spot the white dot, you end up seeing the black and white image in color. If it’s not an illusion, tell me what it is.

  7. Mei Xin says:

    What are you talking about Ggiibbyy? Obviously we aren’t supposed to be fooled when it switches! It’s after it switches back that it’s in color. Duh. People aren’t that stupid. I like this illusion.

  8. Anonymous says:

    LOL Ggiibbyy u r a dumbass, hahaha

  9. Anonymous says:

    Lol ggiibbyy u r a dumbass… ! hahahahahahahah

  10. Anonymous says:

    RE: ggiibbyy
    You are quite dim. It works. It’s an actual working concept try not looking at it so much and you will see with switch exactly to b&w.

  11. † Trevor † says:

    ggibbyy it is an illusion because it only goes back and forth between the black and white and negative of the color… but because the color version never actually shows up (we know this because if you continue to stare the color will remain until you move your eyes or blink and let them “refresh”)

    very nice i enjoyed it..

  12. Anonymous says:

    @Ggiibbyy: No sh** Sherlock. The illusion is that the black & white image still looks as if it was there, even though the colors were changed.

  13. Anonymous says:

    to ggiibbyy

    what you have to do , is when the image is a negtave (bluish looking) stare at the white dot as hard as you can stare. When the imgae reverts to black and white, keep staring at the white dot, you will be able to se the rest of the image in colour, with you peripheral vision

  14. Luigi says:

    holy crap, that’s a good one

    and ggiibbyy, make sure you actually read what the illusion is supposed to do, THEN whinge about it.

    Its supposed to switch between to two pictures

  15. Anonymous says:

    this is pretty neat, i like it!

  16. Anonymous says:

    AH! that is amazing, it scared the living dung out of me!

  17. Anonymous says:

    well done on the observation there ggiibbyy… although if youd follow the instructions youd find out that the gif is all part of the illusion of COLOUR. =P stare at the middle dot of the negative image, and then when it flicks to black and white, and you still have your focus on the dot, the image will appear in colour… incase the original instructions werent retard proof.

  18. Xiphoid says:

    Ggiibbyy, read the instructions properly next time.

  19. Anonymous says:

    the point is the negative (after it switches) gets burned into your eyes, then when it switches back you see it in color. read the description before looking at the picture.

  20. Leocadio says:


  21. Hiten says:

    I think this is all humbug.. The picture changes color whether you stare or dont stare at the white circle. The color changes at predetermined time and does not fall into a category of any illusion.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Of course it is a gif that automatically changes!! How else would it work? You are slow!!!

  23. Shane says:

    Love how it suddenly comes to life until you slightly move your eyes.

  24. Joel says:

    Ggiibbyy: it is an illusion. if you look at the spot during the b/w and the negative images, then when it switches back to the b/w image the burnt-in negative will make the b/w image be in full color. You’d know this if you read the description and weren’t so negative and in need of feeling superior to others.

  25. Anonymous says:

    It IS a real illusion. Don’t talk crap without knowing.

  26. Brandon says:

    Hey Ggiibbyy try following the directions above the image. It’s a trick on your eyes. Showing the ability of the mind to put two things together to show the whole. If you stare at the Dot on the Black and White version like the directions say, and keep staring at the dot on the Negative version, when it switches back to the Black and White version, instead of the B/W your mind puts the two other versions together and you see a FULL COLOR image instead of the Black and White. It’s not just a gif image that automatically changes. It is an illusion, because a FULL COLOR version of the image is new shown, but your mind can produce that for you with the two other versions given.

  27. Carlee says:

    IT’s cool it looks like he has yellow pants on

  28. Anonymous says:

    if anyone is stupid enough to say its not an illusion, they should read the instructions.

  29. Zachary says:

    this is real. i have been playing around with it, and it is real. the theory behind it makes sense as well, but ggiibbyy, Nice try.

  30. Anonymous says:

    @Ggiibbyy: Of course this is a illusion. The gif has to automatically switch to make the non-negative b/w image as a color image until you blink. RTFM!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Very good! I take it that “ggiibbyy” didn’t read the intro bit properly…

  32. Tim says:

    Nooooo… “This isn’t an illusion, it’s simply a gif that automatically switches. Nice try.”

    Don’t start that again! The image is supposed to change! It starts with a black and white image. Then you see the negative of the colour version of the black and white picture, and you are supposed to stare at it. Then, the black and white image is shown again. The illusion is that you see the black and white image in colour, because the negative has been “burnt” in your retina. When you look at the b+w image, you see the reverse of the negative!

    Hope that made sense!

  33. Doctorrodders says:

    It is an illusion. And its actually realy good!

  34. coen says:

    this is an illusion: after the image switches from the white-spot version to the grayscale version, the image seems to be in color. After a while it seems to turn to grayscale again.

    Just focus on the white spot and you will see!

  35. loz says:

    @ ggiibbyy

    yes it is a gif.. but the whole point of it is to stare at the dot on the weird blue and green image until it switches to the black and white image and then you can see it in colour!

    I think its very nice :D

  36. James says:

    Erm… methinks you have missed the point here; we all know it is a .gif that changes, Vurdlak told us so in the write up above the image. In fact if it didn’t change then the intended illusion wouldn’t work. Optical illusions work by manipulating an image so that it takes advantage of the way you see or perceive it, leading to a ‘false’ impression of, or within the image. Obviously this is a very simple explanation of optical illusions, the illusion in question works by ‘burning’ the colour image into your retina (the manipulation I referred to earlier) and then this is overlayed onto the black and white image, giving you the impression that the image is actually colour (this is the preception bit).
    So, ggiibbyy can you please engage your brain before leaving snarky comments about the illusions here. Dumb Ass.

  37. Andy says:

    Wow! …didn´t know this one. Works great! …haha, before I read about what was supposed to happen I thought the illusion consisted in seeing Irwin and the croc merge together into an elephant! (the tail being the trunk, etc.)

  38. Roey says:

    Ggiibbyy this is an illusion, animated gif is just the way of showing it to you.

    Great illusion!:)

  39. AGS says:


  40. Anonymous says:

    Ggiibby what is your problem?

  41. Anonymous says:

    Read the instructions properly, if you follow them, the black and white image seems to be in colour, when in fact it isn’t – therefore it is an illusion.

  42. Cletus says:

    ehnm. mister #4… please read the WHOLE story…

  43. Anonymous says:

    Ggiibbyy you didnt read the instructions

  44. Scott says:

    OK. That was a good one!

  45. steve says:

    haha nobody like Ggiibbyy.

  46. Anonymous says:

    omg! that was a pretty cool illusion. i saw him in colour for a brief sec

  47. Stephen says:

    that is awesome. the colors are perfect for a few seconds, but you can’t move your eyes…

  48. cilnia says:

    Hiten you should read all the comments, because they could also apply to you I believe.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Hahaha Hiten & Ggiibbyy, you are blond, aren’t you?

  50. Anna says:

    I just love it <3 !!!! And it’s quite easy to create such an image yourself, I just made one with a picture of my boyfriend ;)

  51. Ashley says:

    Holy CRAP! That is absolutely fantastic!!

  52. Kaillou says:

    UNBELIVEBLE… It’s what the crocodile hunter always said !! It’s a very nice illusion !! I’m sad to see that some idiot only see a “Switching GIF”… Anyway !! I Like it (the illusion not the idi….) LOL

  53. Anonymous says:

    This is obviously a real illusion, if you don’t stare at the dot you can see that it it only switches from b&w to color negative. The full color we see is in fact a trick of your eyes.
    I think that it is really cool.
    Yes, it was sad when he died, especially because his daughter was so young.

  54. Anonymous says:

    GREAT. Hahaha Hiten & Ggiibbyy, you are not blond, you are BLIND. Follow the instructions.

  55. Anonymous says:

    ggiibbyy thats an illusion because u see something thats not there. idiot
    hiten go & check the layers with photoshop or something.. i checked & there was no colored picture. wait u know what photoshop is dont u?

  56. Dzanio says:

    omigosh when i saw this i jumped back and yelped! awesome!!!!!

  57. Anonymous says:

    FAKE!!! This has been shooped.

    Not buyin what ur sellin foo.

    i mean just look at the lighting,

    so fake.

  58. Anonymous says:

    Hey Ggiibbyy, stop causing chaos by making everyone rally against you. You know you’re only exacerbating the lonely, no-life blogger syndrome… oh shit, I’ve fallen prey to it too!

  59. joey says:

    this is fake and you are all retarded. whether staring at the white center or not, when it switches back from negative to black and white, it automatically shows the photo in color for a split second. how you people are fooled by these things ill never know

  60. Mattster says:

    lol when i looked at the gray one and then to a white piece of paper i saw a heart

  61. Anonymous says:

    Try taking a screenshot and you will see the fakeness

  62. Tim says:

    Joey – nice theory, but you’re wrong. Then again, so is Vurdlak. It does not matter where you stare on the page, as long as you stare (and do not move your eyes).

    I’ve had an idea about how to foil some of these “FAKE!” claims. Stare at he negative like usual, but when it changes, do not keep staring, flick your eyes to a different part of the image. How come it goes to black and white very quickly (compared to if you keep staring)? Coincidence?

  63. Anonymous says:

    This is cool

  64. a05aafzul says:

    RIP Irwin… dies doing what he loved eh?
    hats off to what he did…
    always though a croc would get him tho?

  65. Anonymous says:

    oh my gosh soo cool!

  66. Anonymous says:


  67. Lexi says:

    all i can sya is MAD!

    it isnt some gif btw, the image does go coloured for a few milliseconds after the image goes negative.

    aaha, i had the exact same expression on my fave as Steve does in this pic! :L

  68. Anonymous says:

    wow no one likes ggiibbyy…

    love this illusion!!
    RIP irwin

  69. Anonymous says:

    Im sorry to say this one is fake. hold it there for a while and not look at it and in a while it will automatically turn colorful.

  70. LCFCFAN says:

    Ggiibbyy you are a real dumbass with no brain. it is supposed to change colour. people aren’t that stupid-well you might be

  71. Anonymous says:


    Read the info above the pic!
    It clearly says," You can see this black and white photo in color, if you simply stare at the white dot in the center. After a minute, the image will automatically change to colorful negative. Keep starring at the dot. Next time the image changes, it will switch back to black and white photo (again), but you'll be able to see it in full color. This effect happened, because colorful negative has slightly "burnt" in your retina, and will stay like this for few seconds, which is enough for you to see the original b&w photo in color! "


  72. Anonymous says:

    Wicked man I love these type of illusions.so all I can say is MAD.

  73. Lejla says:

    Since y’all are saying that it’s creepy, I’m not even gonna look at it.

  74. Lejla says:

    wait! that changes color even if you don’t look at it!

    • Abob says:

      Read the description. It is first b&w, then changes to negative, but if you keep staring, when it goes back to b&w, its in full colour for a few seconds.

  75. someone says:

    I miss him…..

    Any way cool illusoin!

  76. nobody says:

    lol i remember him, also great illusion!!! i mean i saw him in color instantly and thought it was a trick then blinked and it was black and white!!!

  77. Pat says:

    lol…. the fact that so many think that this is a fake or photoshopped gif shows to us that this is a really wicked cool illusion!!!

    It’s amazing!!

  78. Wiggele says:

    it worked and i really said out loud: wow awesome ^^

  79. Vanessa says:

    It doesn’t work for me.. O.o

    I stare at the white dot as long as I should, and it’s still a color negative… =/

    My eyes are broken. =P

  80. Thomas Leone says:

    That’s great. I found that if I persistently stare at the white dot after the negative has reverted to black and white, it will appear to be colour for a long time. It is not until I break focus that the image loses its colour.

  81. Elliot says:

    lol so coool

  82. juan says:

    WOWOWOWOWOW Im sorry for all those who can’t see it,or so stupid to no give the respect to such an amazing job

  83. Dolphin says:


  84. Anonymous says:

    To all a**holes who don’t read the instructions and say this is photoshoped. PLEASE STFU you look at the dot when it turns negative, keep staring until it chages back. You will see it in COLOR. To prove its not photoshoped and there is not a colored photo there, stare somewhere else on the picture IT WILL NOT WORK!

  85. Chris says:

    Hey try this, its neat. Cover one eye with your hand when you’re looking at the colored image. Then when it switches to gray, look at it for a sec with the open eye, then switch to the other eye. One eye will see color, the other wont. :]

  86. Chelsea says:

    So weird! I saw it in color then looked again, then it was black and white, and then stared where the white dot was while really not looking at the picture, and the color was there again! Really cool!

  87. Prince says:

    Vurdlak have you started making fun of your blog visitors, with adding something stupid like this?

  88. Cree says:

    This is actually fake. Hate to break it to you. But this picture is actually set on a timer changing colors on the set time. Not an optical illusion. If you look above the screen of your computer and or look away for a few moments and look back, the dang picture will still be colored. Optical Illusion?? I think not. Nice try.

    • brian says:

      This is actually real.Hate to break it to you.

    • Abob says:

      Idiot. How come if it does different timings? If you dont stare at the dot, it lasts less than it did while staring at the dot. Does it automatically know when you are looking at a certain part? I think not. YOU’RE THE IDIOT.

    • GenCat says:

      that doesn’t even make sense!!!

      But still! U r a total Grasshole!!1

  89. EnterNameHere says:

    First of all, this is an awesome picture. Second of all, let people have some fun believing its cool! Just because you don’t like it means you have to make everybody else hate it.

    Love this site!

  90. u bum says:

    awesome but wat if he eats him

  91. cameron says:

    r u sure it isnt just computer tech?

  92. Rays says:


  93. BOB says:

    this is fake. i had scrolled down and was reading comments and scrolled back up and it was blue, i scrolled back down, waited awhile and once again it turned for black and white to once again blue. and it did this a couple times. at first i though OMG THATS FRICKING AMZING, and now i feel dumb for believing it. haha

  94. vcg says:

    amazing!!! i love this site from the day i have seen this! keep it up! :)

  95. Ryan says:

    incredible!! one of the best illusion I ever seen..

  96. Ngarrey says:


  97. seba says:

    it’s not real , just read the entire text , as you are reading it you can see it’s changing even thou you are not staring at the dot , it’s a gif image …

  98. krukowa says:

    It is irrelevant which spot to choose to look at as long as you do not move your eyes from it.

  99. HTFCuddles says:

    I had the same reaction as the guy in the photo when I saw this XD

  100. Someone says:

    I love this optical illusion! It’s so cool. I wish I could just see it directly instead of looking at the black dot that isn’t really at the point you would usually focus on.

  101. Jumbybird says:

    Half the planet was in sorrow, and the other half were having a good laugh.

  102. Anonymous says:

    Its a GIF image.
    1. right – click,
    2. save as
    if you look below and check out
    “save as type” you will see “GIF”

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