Creepy Floating Ghost Boat Optical Illusion

I have a pretty creepy illusion for you today!

It’s a floating ghost boat! Ooooo-OOO-OOH!

floating Ghost Boat

Unlike yesterday’s illusion, which I’m still wondering if it’s Photoshopped, I can tell you with a fair amount of certainty that this image hasn’t been edited at all. It appears that this creepy ghost boat is floating above the water in the distance! But I still say that the image of this ghost boat isn’t Photoshopped. Why? Because there’s even a video showing this floating ghost boat hovering…

Mystery solved! This floating ghost boat is actually a mirage and caused by the way the light refracts through the air. Different temperatures cause light to bend in different ways, resulting in seeing certain things not how they really are or, in some cases, seeing things that aren’t there at all. This particular type of mirage is known as a Fata Morgana, The light is bent in such a way in these types of mirages that objects appear to be higher than they actually are. In this case, it makes the sailboat look like it’s floating.

If this floating ghost boat illusion intrigued you, make sure you check out the hovering boat illusion as well!

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