Crawling Line Optical Illusion

I’ve been trying to mix things up on the site lately, so you all get a break from the brain teasers, because some of the ones I’ve been posting up at really hard. As a matter of fact, I posted the “Count the Balls Optical Illusion” just a couple of days ago and that illusion absolutely blew up all over the Facebook page. A lot of you seemed to have really enjoyed that one and had some excellent debates on it, while trying to figure out how many balls were in the stack. I highly suggest you check out that optical illusion if you haven’t already and try to figure it out. It’s certainly a tough one, because 95% of people get it wrong.

Today, I’m going to post up an optical illusion that’s just really cool to look at. I didn’t know whether to call this the crawling line optical illusion or the snake optical illusion, because it reminds me of a snake, as well. I could also see where some people may even think this thing looks like a flowing river. Also, keep in mind that this image is static and is not an animated GIF, but it still seems to move. Are you ready to check it out? If so, scroll down.

Crawling Line Optical Illusion


Just by staring at the image above it looks as if the lines are moving on their own, giving off a nice crawling effect.

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