Cosmopolitan Optical Illusion

Can you detect a hidden “illusion in these two photographs? It shouldn’t be too hard, and the illusion is quite similar in both images. It took me few seconds before I figured the cow one, so decided to share with you to test your senses. The only problem with these two, is once you figure them out, there’s no going back. Photoshopped? Most definitely!

world cow optical illusion
world coffee optical illusion

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  1. Although they aren’t very hard, seeing as I spotted them both right away, they are very fun to look at. I loved the coffee one! Very clever. Thanks for sharing!

  2. woo the cow very easy to figure and once i read that they are similar then it wasnt hard to figure out the coffee one!! but they are cool!! i love your site, because optical illusion are my favourite thing in the world, well behind my bf of coarse

  3. Really? It took you a few seconds to see a map of the world in both those images? You should recognize that instantly…

  4. Kinda sad that in the coffee 1 there was no New Zealand!!! Pretty easy to tell what it was all about straight off, still good anyway

  5. It’s so cute that in both maps Australia’s little island Tasmania is included- they get very annoyed when their fellow countrymen leave it out but the cow and coffee got it right!

  6. There was no “Illusion” to this. I’m starting to feel like there is more bullshit posted on this site, than actual “illusions”. It is VERY obvious what this picture is. My eye’s were NOT playing any kind of trick on me. Yes. It is Photoshopped, and there is no “illusion”. The creator/moderator of this site, should do some research about “Illusions” so they can post cooler shit.

  7. The cow has to be photoshopped. I think the coffess is staged but real.

    And I have to agree it is rather impossible to miss the map on the cow unless you rarely ever see world maps.

  8. Not your best work. But, The coffee actually does look like a spill. The cow illusion would work with context. For example, an advertisement about exotic milk.

    Replace the cookie with a paper towel, “Our brand cleans up a world of spills.”

    I could see an ad campaign with the theme, “How to know when its time to get away.”

  9. My biggest complaint with this site are images like this. It’s not an illusion. Not in any way. It’s a cow with a world map image on it… and nothing else. This is “photoshop”, not “optical illusion”.

    This belongs on imgur, not here.

  10. they’re maps! But i really think that the dude who owns this website should put a thing on it that says “Photoshopped” or “Not photoshopped”…Seriously.

  11. ‘Hidden’ “illusion”? ‘Few seconds’? C’mon! At least you quoted “illusion” here. I don’t think it’s an illusion, anyway, unless there is something else. Someone tell me…
    (New Zeland is missing in the coffee’s world map whilst Japan, UK and Iceland were partially, somehow, flooded by the oceans – Ah! I know what happened – just realized that there’s no Antarctica, too! It melted away!)

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