Coffee Owl Billboard

Guys that do marketing for Beans & Beyond created this funny little campaign featuring coffee beans and two mugs, which in the end resemble an owl. If you’re asking yourself what the heck owl has to do with coffee, I think the answer would be owls are awake during the night (as well as their eyes are usually wide open)!

20 Replies to “Coffee Owl Billboard”

    1. the illusion is that the mind either sees an owl or coffee related products when looking at the image

  1. Very cute I like it. And an owl makes sense to me. If you are trying to stay awake at night (like an owl) you would go for some coffee. Especially some extra strong coffee. I do like the image though. Very clever in making the coffee beans and mugs look like an owl. Such a well done job that you don’t have to TRY to see it… its just there.

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