Coca-Cola Illusions for Plants Make Us Happy Campaign

Creative advertising is hard to find these days! Maybe that’s why this Coca-Cola Plants Make Us Happy campaign really caught my eye.

This ad campaign is a series of optical illusions depicting plants. Each ad illusion includes a short quip about how plants make us happy, and go on to say that Coca-Coca bottles are made from plants as well.

The first Coca-Cola illusion out of the bunch is an interesting motion illusion. The leaves in this ad look like they’re moving, perhaps fluttering in the breeze, but it’s really a still image.

Coca cola illusion

The rest of the Coca-Cola illusions are a series of negative space images that look like two different things. So, tell me…what images popped out at you first in these Coca-Cola illusions?


Coca cola plants make us happy

The hands or the bird?


Coca-Cola Illusion

The pencil or the tree?


Coca-Cola plants make us happy

The flower or the kissing face?

These Coca-Cola illusions are definitely creative and just a little bit brilliant! The white and red colors of the ads are instantly recognizable, so this global beverage giant springs to mind almost as soon as you see these Coca-Cola illusions. Once you look at the illusions, you can’t help but read the message announcing that Coca-Cola bottle are now “made from plants” and 100% recyclable, a couple of bonus points in today’s environmentally conscious society.

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