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By on February 23, 2011, with 26 Comments

Childhood Dreams Optical IllusionFor today I bring you another funny-looking impossible arch painting. By its design, I would tell it was done by Sandro Del Prete, yet I thought we already shared all of his works through this site.

Be sure to notice how part of the painting is a pinned down painting itself, motive Sandro heavily uses in his works. How many optical illusions can you spot in today’s post?

Btw, those of you still reading, I would appreciate if you had a second to spare… My mum has tailored a coat which she feels very proud of, and had submitted it for a competition of some kind. She isn’t aware I’m writing this, but I would appreciate highly if you could rate her design positively here (click “J’aime” if you like it).


26 Responses
  1. hitya says:

    nice pic, but headhurting

  2. Grace says:

    I liked both the coat and the illusion.

  3. The Thinker says:

    A very pleasant painting. Although, those children must have a rather warped psyche to be having dreams like that…

  4. Care Bear says:

    Sometimes children can get away with doing what “logical” adults find impossible.

  5. I counted seven, then gave up, there are so many that aai gave up at seven. (By the way, I pressed the proper key. It IS a beautiful coat)………….

  6. LOLCAT says:

    Twisting Twirling!!!! AH! Its confusing! :)
    Awesome illusion

  7. jazz says:

    i love these type of illusions

  8. Slammer says:

    Very cool. Also, happy to help out with your coat problem :)

  9. Awesome Anonymous says:

    i count 3

  10. Michelle says:

    J’aime le manteau et l’illusion aujourd’hui.

  11. sarah siddiqi says:

    ha ha very nice poster their putting up :) images%3Fq%3DSandro

  12. servilan42 says:

    Pic could blow your mind! Luv your mom’s coat :-)

  13. melinda says:

    I really liked your mom’s coat! cool illusion too. thx

  14. SnowBerey says:


  15. Terry Foss says:

    Like the Illusion and the coat, I voted for it..

  16. Jaryd Cool Cat Taylor says:

    lol SUCK-UP! jk jk cool illusion

  17. semi-anonymous says:

    Awesome picture, and I love the coat ;)
    (clicked J’aime)

  18. Rob says:

    Nice coat! Is that your mom?

  19. Chelsea says:

    LOOOVVEEE the illusion and the coat…who’s the model?

  20. ZL123 says:

    Nice illusion.
    Nice coat.

  21. Brooks says:

    There are three intersticed illusions. Of courser the lower foundation and upper deck are at “right” angles and this incorporates the pillares as well. Then the stairs, stair railings and ladder all “fall in line” with this 90 degree twist.

  22. WillDog says:

    I like this illusion, but I thought I signed up for Illusion of the day. This one has been coming up for a few days now.

  23. Cyphis says:

    It’s a good illusion but has been sitting here for two days now. Would be better if the daily illusions were actually updated daily. Maybe implementing some automated system to post a sorted list of illusions so delays don’t occur. Especially helpful in case of emergencies.

  24. Anaokulu says:

    Very cool. And a beautiful illusion

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