Caught in The (Right) Moment Collection

So, Yahoo still hasn’t updated it’s widget database with our updated widget, but from my experience this should happen some time tomorrow, or the next day at worst. Then you’ll be able to get working version (5.0) of the “Optical Illusion of The Day” widget for your desktops. If I forgot to tell you about my exam, I have successfully passed it! One down, 10 to go. The illusion part for today should be the most exciting one – I have added over 20 optical illusions that picture people (or objects) caught just in the right moment. Some involve sports, Some are political, some random, but all are funny and amusing. I believe this post will make you love this site even more, specially since there are so many rare photos you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Can’t wait to hear which one is your favorite! If you liked similar compilation that involved Billboards, (and then the second one) be sure to mention it, and I’ll compose Part III as well. Enjoy!

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  1. Funny pics! But the cat with a dogs shadow and reflections of people under shues (second last picture) are definitely manipulated (photoshopped).

    1. You know, there is a possibility that the cat and dog one isn’t photoshopped.
      just a thought. :-)

  2. instead of only commenting when I think an illusion is inappropriate, I will definitely say that I like this one. Very funny!

  3. Fantastic research to dig these images up. I love the Obama one, must have been innocent but looks so genuine, he is gonna hurt him….!

  4. I love’em all but the last pic is a bit inappropriate to those who are younger and might have glanced at the computer. But overall these are very hilarious.

  5. The 4th one (the planes) It looks like they’re following eachother
    The 19th one (the man in the house) The rest of the house looks fake and the sofa’s are on wine glasses and then he’s just sitting in it.

    I love all of these but I especially love the one with a UFO on the wall and the last one (Canadian lay an ass gallery) with the man’s bum hanging out LOL

  6. If you didn’t ‘get’ any of these, you’re an idiot.

    The planes one is just the fact that you will never see planes so close together in motion, the illusion is that they are actually very far apart from each other but it almost seems like they are very close or even touching in that picture.

    The plastic doll house one… all the items are miniature (you can tell my the fact they are sitting on upside-down wine glasses. However the person is obviously real. Probably photoshopped.

  7. OMG! The pic with Hillary Clinton is one of my old teachers (right) and a loval government official (left). I know both of them. Seriously. The guy on the left is a member at the country club I work at and the guy on the right is on of my junior high teachers. How weird. I look at this site every day and that happened to be on here.

  8. It is so weird. I know the two guys in the picture with Hillary Clinton. The one on the right is one of my old junior high teachers and the guy on the left is a local guy who is the leader of the Ohio Democratic Party and our state representative. How strange. I am on this site every single day and happen to come across this. COOL!

  9. These are some of my favorite illusions on this site! Some are photoshopped, though–like the hair & ears on the spider, the cat's shadow, and the shoes. Nonetheless, I like them, especially the little boy with the ufo.

  10. these are all awsome, some may be photoshoped though. the spider one definatally is, right ear (looking at it the one on the left side) is suspose to be chalk or something, well the leg is under the drawing, and its suspose to bo on the ground. others maby but they’re all still funny.

    p.s. anonymous 15, dont be rude, some people dont get some illusions, dont call people idiots..

  11. That one with the spider hasn’t even been photoshopped – it’s been MSPainted.
    The one with the guy on the fake couch is actually quite clever, I didn’t notice the wine glasses at first.
    Great stuff.

  12. Some are shopped, but the spider is real. It’s taxonomical name is, “Theridion grallator” and it’s sometimes refered to as “The Hawaiian Happy Faced Spider”.

    I remember seeing a picture of this thing more than 30 years ago, way before photoshop was created.

  13. The spider itself is real, but the “hair” and “ears” were painted on to reinforce the face illusion. The shoe one was either photoshopped by some emo kid, or took a lot of hard work and patience to get all four of them to jump at the right time, the right height, and have their feet the right width apart. (I see a ripple behind the first pair that was probably left by a foot jumping out of the puddle.) Or I guess it could be a mixture of both if the patience and hard work ran out. lol

  14. The spider itself may be real, but the “hair” and “ears” most definitely are not. Hardly an illusion having been enhanced so …

  15. At first I thought the cat/dog shadow one was Photoshopped, but I don’t think so… The ears make the dog’s mouth.

    To answer some of the other people’s questions about the Hilary Clinton one.. I assume it looks like she’s biting the guy’s hand.

    These are all awesome =).

  16. For those of you who don’t get the plane one, the blue plane is just much larger. it’s a real pic. and the cat one is also real. the points in the shadow are it’s mouth on the left, and it’s two ears. great pics!

  17. urgh the plane shot hurts my head i know whats going on but the size difference order and squished perspective of a super tele lens is just a brain hurt recipe

  18. its Fottball! not soccor! and if ur american, its not football is American Football, we claimed the name first and it’s called Football ALL AROUND THE WORLD!

  19. one with the cat and the last one with the shoe are photoshoped look at the left foot of the cat the light comming comming through should not cast shadow on it and the slit which formed the mouth of the wolf should have been so big that it would have cut away quite a big part of the cats ear and be quite visible. and the shoe one is cloned and more easy because of the bright back ground or unless there is hollow man only visible in the reflection.

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