Cats and Dogs Optical Illusions

This post is a collection of cats and dogs optical illusions. I decided to put this one up, since most of us like pets. My intention was to show you that they can also be “stars” on this website. Illusions aren’t reserved to be stared only by humans, objects or locations! Jump inside the post to see the full compilation! I liked the one with the bench pair the most! Which one’s your favorite choice? For example, if you liked the best this one (where it appears that the cat is plugged to the electricity, and that its eye are glowing), comment! More animal illusions can be found if look at: painted hands, spot the object category, sand elephant

Sometimes dogs can walk on water too!
Nice shot. I wonder how it was done…

This must be “the strongest cat in the world”. This picture wasn’t
photoshoped, it’s just that the camera caught perfect moment!

Look at this young pair relaxing on the bench. They are
soo cute… No, wait! The second picture reveals the truth!

I can’t figure this one. Is the cat on the shelf or grabbing it from below?
Am not sure under which angle this photo was taken. Can you help me?

This is one chameleon puppy. Look how he blended
into his surrounding, giving impression he’s a towel!

It’s just a Bulldog. Wait… it’s a a man, also!

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  1. The cat that you can’t figure out is a cat on top of a bookshelf, or something like that, shot from below. The cat is just cheewing on it and holding it with both paws while doing that, which makes it look like she’s trying not to fall, which makes it look like it was shot from above. The flash also does the trick as it covers the real light source and any sence of up and down.

  2. the cat isn’t on top of the shelf, rather below and holding on to it. WHy? cuz u can see the cat’s tail going vertically down due to gravity, its not coming “up” in the picture as it would had the picture been taken from below. My favourite opne, and one that really is an illusion, is the last one, the bulldog/man

  3. I’m gonna go with hanging cat, because of the apparent space between the cat’s body and (the other side of) the shelf, and how far around the cat’s paws are wrapped. Gravity acting on the tail is an insufficient argument, though.

  4. I think the cat is climbing a bookshelf or something simmilar. It can’t be a shelf since it’s not attached to the wall by either of the long sides. It looks like the cat is just slipping off the side and the camera caught that moment.

  5. The Cat photo is has actually been flipped hortzontally. The left “wall” is actually the ceiling. You can tell this by the texture.

  6. The cat is laying (resting) on top of a bookshelf or an entertainment center. If you ever had the unfortunate pleasure of putting one together, you’d know that the screws are always on the side of the unit. If you look at the the photo, you can see that the cat is on top of the unit based on the location of the screws.

  7. I’ve got to agree with the cat on top idea. Im actually sitting at a desk built like that unit the cat is on. The screws are in the exact same spot and the angle makes it seem as though the cat is on some other side. Gravity has no effect on cats for anyone who has never had a cat or seen them in action. The flash hides the fact that there should be a shadow on left wall, but if you look at highlights on the cat and on the joint of the walls youll see that the normal lightsource is on that back “wall” which is the ceiling.

    Brilliant idea to take that pic though.

  8. Whoa this is kinda kool…but some of them I dont get…but I’ll figure it out in a day or two. These are fun to look at when your bored and have nothing to do….

  9. I do like the picture of the puppy very much – it brought happiness and comfort !

    I believe that the Cat is hanging from below. I own four cats and spend many, many hours with them.

    I have watched cats of many breeds move: how they move, what muscles are used etc., and I can see by the way this cat is holding itself that it is hanging from below – HOWEVER – my knowledge of houses and perspective STRONGLY suggests that the cat is actually sitting on top of the cabinet.

    Hmmmm … confused.

  10. To the person who asked how the first picture was done, all pictures taken of cats (and cows, for that matter) head on with a flash make the animal’s eyes look “electric”. The reason for this is that you and I as humans have a layer of pigment in our retina (at the back of our eye) that absorbs all light. Therefore, pictures taken of us will make our eyes appear normal (or red, if you catch the fovea, the one place in the back of our eye without this layer of pigment). Cats do not have this layer of pigment, and their eyes do not absorb the light the way ours do. This causes the flash from the camera to reflect off the back of their eyes and out, and because the flash is so stunningly bright, it makes the cat’s eyes appear to be bright as well. Hope this makes sense! :)

    PS I loved all the pics, great illusions!

  11. Call me the negative guy but I am sick of “This picture wasn’t photoshopped,” crap.
    Riiiiiight. The statement alone is enough to prove it’s been edited. Why would that caption be included? Funny part is that it doesn’t even matter if the cat was actually in the image because the jack stands that were holding the front end off the ground have been edited out… The suspension is completely uncompressed as well as the tires (not squished at the bottom). Not to mention the earmarks of any bad photoshop job. Blurry, patchy sections around areas of sharp over compression all in an image so small as to offer no chance to enlarge it and see any reasonable detail. This is in fact such a horrible photoshop I hope the poster realizes the public shame which should be attached to the false claim. Especially on a site dealing directly with imagery and illusions I would think Debunking photoshops would be a matter of pride.
    Shame to you.

  12. I love all these pics but I’m sure that the cat and a shelf one is simplle, the shelf had not been put up and the cat is lying under it trying to get it off!!!

  13. Mr. “negative guy”…no one cares.
    Whether the pictures are photoshopped or not(have no experience so I’m in so position to prove you wrong), Vurdlak probably doesn’t have the time to look at each image closely and see all the compression and suspension…whatever that is…
    If you’re just gonna bag him out, don’t go here!
    Nice pictures :) I like the one of the dog walking on water

  14. how cute is the chamleon dog. oh my god. you would just love to cuddle him. the pics are cool. keeps the mind sharp. cheers jessica

  15. ok well. with the cat “holding up the car” you can tell that the driveway is on an angle. so the backend of the car is at the lower end of the driveway, and the front of the car (where the cat is) is at the higher end of the driveway.

    look closely.

  16. Ok, so I think the cat is under the shelf, hanging on, because of the way the back leg is sticking out. I just can’t see a cat doing that standing right side up. I love the shar pei. Puppies are so cute!! I thought the pics with the guy and his ‘girlfriend’ were cute. That dog looks so much like a person from behind. I really don’t like the creepy bulldog. It’s really scary! Notice that the cat lifting the car doesn’t have any feet….oh well, it’s still cute. How was the dog on water done?? It can’t be ice, because it looks too smooth…..anyone have ideas? Is he standing on a mirror, with a backdrop of some land with trees behind him?



    Freakish Joker

  18. Look at the shelf itself and there should lie the answer– notice that you only see the heads of the nails therefore the cat is holding on from the bottom. if it was taken with a cat on the top and looking up at it, then there would be no nails, but because there are nails and you see the heads instead of the tips, then the cat has to be hanging from it

  19. The cat is obviously on top of the entertainment center or desk. It is a “Sauder” unit that has the bolts on the top sides and if you look at the back of it (far left side) you will see the backing of the unit which is always a thin piece of tan fiberboard

  20. I like these pictures en I have one of mij dog walk on water, too. It was in the winter on a frozen lake, he enjoyed playing there.

  21. I have a picture somewhere that looks like my dog is sitting calmly on top of solid water, although it’s not nearly as perfect as the one above–we found an old raft that was just buoyant enough to keep the dog afloat but not itself, and the water was nice and still that day.


    must love that chameleon pup.

    pup=towl/noodles/dough looking thing!!!! *big smile*

  23. As for the German Shepherd one, my explanation is this: Looks like the water blended in with the sand (you can see where land meets water if you look hard enough), and the dog’s footprints were swept away by a wave, thus creating a “floating” illusion.

  24. The german shepherd is walking on ice. With calm or no wind the ice of a lake can freeze almost crystal clear and look like a mirror or in this case water. If the dog wasn’t standing on solid ice, there would be ripples in the water.

  25. @ about the cat picture. the picture was taken from above, like what the person said, about the cats tail, and also, the screws, you wouldn’t screw them in from the bottom. make sense?

  26. Regarding the black cat and the shelf – I don’t think it’s a shelf but a bookcase. I think the cat is on top of the bookcase and the part of the bookcase we’re looking at is the side.

  27. i like the one with the dog on water if ur smart enough u can see that they might have made it by taking the photo while its on ice not water ice!!!
    just look at the weather that is around them the trees give it away….

  28. The boy and the dog is wrong the first picture the boys mouth is open the second is not and the two of the pictures the dog I wearing a wig

  29. The cat is on top. If it was on the bottom and hanging, its body wouldn’t be horizontal. Besides, Note the two screws. Usually, they appear on the sides and not the top.

  30. For the Cat on/hanging bookshelf.
    I say the cat is on the top of bookshelf with paws hugging the sides. My reasoning is that the cat looks calm. If the cat was hanging on to the shelf, the ears would be back, the eyes would be open wide and mostly the claws would be out and grabbing the wood. (even if de-clawed, the paws would be spread)

  31. As for “the strongest cat in the world”, the illusion is perfect for Spanish-speakers: we call «gato» a cat as well as a car jack.

  32. I Like The One With The Dog On Water, Strongest Cat, Right And Upside Down Bulldog, And The Bench Couples.

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