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By on December 12, 2013, with 0 Comments

This isn’t one of those illusions that is going to mess with your mind or anything like that, but it definitely looks cool and is a testament to what people can do with a creative imagination and a creative eye. There’s nothing worse than cleaning the pool, but the person in this picture at least found a way to make the pool cleaning process a little bit more fun and decided to create his own optical illusion. The guy has the pool net in his hand as the sun is about to go down and you can see that it makes for a very nice effect. Scroll down below to check out this clock optical illusion. It’s definitely a very pretty picture.

Capturing a Clock Illusion

As you can see in the image above this isn’t some sort of a brain teaser that is going to make you sit around and think, which is what most people on this site likes. However, this is just a simple picture taken of a man that is holding a pool net. As you can see, it looks like he is about to catch the clock with his net. This effect was with lighting that the net allows to pass through it and he’s tilted the net slightly, so it gives it a nice 3D-like effect. Either way, I thought this was just a nice effect that was pulled off with nothing more than a little imagination and a camera. This just shows you that we can all create beautiful optical illusions if we want to.

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