Candies Poster Optical Illusion

One of our fans who goes under the nickname erwtj3 discovered this optical illusion poster below. It was used as an ad for some kind of candy product. Once you learn the tagline behind this poster, it’s much easier to see the illusion it hides. The tag-line went something like this: “If you love liquorice, all you see is Panda“! Now hurry, and be the first to spot the hidden animal in this idle surrounding below! You can see the original poster, one including tag-lines and candies – here.

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  1. Hmmm, a tricky one given the tagline. I guess Panda. I have to confess I did need the tagline, even though I had worked out that there was a face in there somewhere but just couldn’t quite see it

  2. I only truly saw it when going to the real image, with the captions and all and saw the tiny icon…The big image does it no justice!!!

  3. Whatever it is, it isn’t that attractive. I saw a frog looking it over. Maybe I’ll have another look–or not.

  4. A curious illusion at best. To chose water as a component of our panda’s whereabouts is odd since that animal’s aversion to water is well deocumented.
    Also it strikes one as hard to explain that if this company which calls itself “Panda” did not chose any hidden images of…of, well
    liquorice which, by the is hidden as plants all over their website…those might have been more difficult to spot, but they didn’t seem to be worried how long we spent finding a bear!
    And lastly, personally-and no offense intended to British-English speaking folks or the Finnish manufacturers–I prefer my black chewy stalks to be called “likrish” and be so;ld for 7-10 cents south of Mason Dixon Line. Cheers1

  5. With the tagline , it was simple enough to see in less than a minute . Without such , I never would have even known there was a panda head there at all

  6. The panda face isn’t all that visable, but at first glance it looked like the guy sitting on the rock was nealing with a machine gun, and later I realized that what I thought was a tree behind him was actually another guy lol. So I think it’s a pretty darn cool find!

  7. yesssss, I spotted. Boat and tree inside water form the eyes and stone below is the mouth. Due to sunlight a circle is formed around above three spots. this makes the face.

  8. Yeah took me a bit to see it. I had to click on the full poster to see it.

    I went back to the orginal here on the page, went back to the poster then noticed 2 smaller pics where you clearly see the animal.

    Never seen the 2 smaller pics the first time, goes to show how observant I am.

  9. i saw the panda before you pointed it out. if you have the mac widget, it is easier to see distance illusions when you see it in the dashboard

  10. I think i found it… its a panda… and the two islands in the distance are the ears, the other small island and the boat are the eyes, and the rock thing is then nose. and then there’s some kind of ripple thing in the water underneath the rock that could be its mouth.

  11. I needed the tagline to see the panda. If not, I thought the ‘nose’ would be some woman’s lips, and I was trying to make out a face from there, but couldn’t. :P

  12. Saw the panda first then read the tagline but I’ll admit I couldn’t figure out what it had to do with licorice.

  13. GOOD ONE! I didn’t open the illusion, because I thought it was from the guy who does landscapes with food (this time with candies). But then this morning, I said
    ” Hey, there’s a panda.” So I wanted to point it out, except,…well…that was the whole point. duh. I liked it.

  14. You should really keep hints like that in some kind of hidden spoiler thing. I would have liked to try to work it out before I saw the word “Panda”.

  15. Hello Vurdlak, hope you do not mind my spelling correction – I think you mean idyll or idyllic (beautiful, perfect surroundings) rather than idle (not doing anything), they do indeed sound similar.

    liked this illusion, did spot it though not as quickly as some.

  16. There is a panda face, (very nice) but also what looks like a (large) hawk’s face above the fire. And above it there is a squirrl face (small)

  17. This ones a little week. I vaugly looked like some kind of face, but only after reading the tagline did i recognize the panda.. Although, can only really see it in the thumbnail version or at a distance.

  18. I come from the country that the trademark Panda has come from and they’ve like put those ad’s in many bus stops! First time I saw one driving past it, I was like “was there something??”. Then the other time I finally was close enough to see the hint with the animal and then was like “Ahh… That’s how it is!”. I have asked my family and friends several times if they have gotten it, and so far only people under 10 have had the enlightment of creativity!

  19. The first two pieces of land make the ears, the one in the middle names the nose, and the rest make the face…

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