Can You Give me a Hand Optical Illusion

Yesterday was a beautiful day. If I remember correctly, the temperature outside was in the 90’s and it was very sunny. Before I went out and enjoyed the beautiful weather, I was looking through the messages I received on the MoIllusions Facebook and I noticed that someone had sent me a message with an attachment. I love receiving messages like this, because it typically means that someone has submitted a new optical illusion for me to check out.

I opened up the message and it contained the optical illusion that I’m posting up today. I was told that this would be an awesome optical illusion once you figure out exactly what’s going on and that’s a valid assessment. This is a great optical illusion and I’d like to thank the reader who submitted this one to me. Scroll down to check it out.

Can You Give Me a Hand Optical Illusion

Some people may consider this to be a scary optical illusion, because you’re wondering where the hand is coming from in the picture. After all, you don’t see anyone inside the jacket; do you? However, it’s just the hand of the man that’s sleeping on the floor.

Ready for another optical illusion? See if you can spot the hidden object in this image.

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  1. Looks to me like his arm is under the pillow and comes around under his head. If you look at the hand, you can see that his fingers showing it’s his left hand. It is clearly the left hand if he’s laying on his left side.

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