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By on August 29, 2008, with 37 Comments

Jessica sent me an email recently, explaining illusions she found: “I was browsing some internet weblogs, when I came across an interesting body paintings done by Liu Bolin of Beijing. I find it has in interesting message behind it.” When I read Jessica’s email, I quickly checked her submission, and boy, was I amazed. This surely has to be one of the best examples of urban camouflage. I have attached her submitted photos, and you can see all ten of them if you continue inside this article.

The artist, Liu Bolin is a young Beijing based artist who has exhibited primarily in China until now. Recently, he finished up a show at Eli Klein fine art in New York showcasing a variety of his pieces including some form the series ‘camouflage’. The collection is an exploration of human nature and animal instincts which features Chinese citizens painted to blend into their surroundings. The subjects are covered head to toe in paint, camouflaging themselves in front of the Chinese flag, a billboard or downtown Beijing. Last three photos greatly remind of Invisible Cloak, we already covered.

Camouflage Art by Liu Bolin
Camouflage Art by Liu Bolin
Camouflage Art by Liu Bolin
Camouflage Art by Liu Bolin
Camouflage Art by Liu Bolin
Camouflage Art by Liu Bolin
Camouflage Art by Liu Bolin
Camouflage Art by Liu Bolin
Camouflage Art by Liu Bolin
Camouflage Art by Liu Bolin


37 Responses
  1. Norm says:

    Brilliant! The guy has great technique and greater courage!

  2. Bas says:

    Omg, very nice

  3. Anonymous says:

    The most difficult thing must be matching the colors perfectly. On some of the pics, that is the only flaw with the illusion. Love the “invisible man”! Is it just me or does the family standing in front of the Chinese flag look “bloody”?

  4. Anonymous says:

    It is perfekt. Never saw this art of painting

  5. Tim says:

    Simply amazing!

  6. Anika says:

    WOW! Soooo cool. really well done!

  7. Katelyn says:

    Wow! The 8th one really looks amazing. Its really outstanding how they do that.

  8. bobberina says:

    love the invisible men and the one with the head in the frame. i think the china flag one is kind of lame

  9. Lacrosse Lover says:

    I’m so glad that this body art is on clothed people! This artist is magnificent the details are so exact! Great job! Bravo!!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    wow… yeah! this one is a real talent… wondering how much time is spend on it. amazing :-)

  11. Philip says:

    It’s so incredible how he matches every line and detail. Amazing! Keep more coming!

  12. Strawberry says:

    Just one of the best body paintings ever. Like a tribute to the Beijing Olympics

  13. sooper-rosa says:

    that is just brilliant.. it must be good painter who had great skill.. in some aspects it looks like the men are transparent and you see through themmm its amazing :O

  14. Anonymous says:

    I can’t help wondering if there is some slightly subversive quality to this art. The bloodied family in front of the flag, the invisible man held or blinded by the solider/policeman, the invisible man bearing testament to the decaying urban dwelling, the invisible portrait of a leader. Or is it all just for the art of the illusion?

    Awesome post Vurdlak, keep it coming.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Amazing but I would have like to see the person with paint on one step aside too, for a mild rebellion look.

  16. Anonymous says:

    wow, the detail that the artist put into these is absolutly amazing. In some of these pictures it looks like you can see right through the person standing there

  17. Anonymous says:

    Fine Funny Art ! Absolutely Great !

    Greetz from Germany: John F.

  18. Omndra says:

    I like the one with the army guy in it

  19. Anonymous says:

    awsome like totally, these pics are awsome, like totally! rock on dudes like totally! go jonas brothers there like totally awsome! like totally! yay summer! oh u know wat i did! NOTHING!!!! thats the point of summer to RELAX TAKE IT EASY, get its a song! lol im soooooooooooooooooo funny! like totally! dudes and dudets have a awsome summer!!!! relax its your vacatoin! go jonas brothers!!!!!!!! especially joe like he is a total hottie! and nick is sweet! and then theres kevin, he’s hillarias! oh guess what i made him a bird house! like totally! tootals!!!! bye!!!! bye-bye!!! like bye!!!!!

  20. Ghislain says:

    How come I didn't think of that first? lol

    Excellent ArtWork!
    Keep up the creativity
    Peace & Love

  21. Anonymous says:

    I C U

  22. Riffsan says:

    Awesome pictures!!!!
    My favs were the 7th and the 8th pictures.

  23. Anonymous says:

    ohhh i loove these!!
    aha i love illusions they are so intriguing:) i well would love to do stuff like this for my art but would be mish compared to these, though some colours weren’t exacts on here but thats sooo hard anywayy, especially with changing lighting.

  24. BraDRoBBo says:

    VERY impressive! very very VERY impressive!:) i love most of them!:D they’re all well good :D

  25. PrincezzWannab says:

    what a creep!

  26. Lio says:

    Third one and seventh one are very nice, but sixth one is best because of the idea to position the model in front of the picture.

  27. Anonymous says:

    They are all good, except the one with the three people in front of the flag, the painting looks really bad in that one.

  28. I_Ganked_JFK says:

    Wtf are you guys onna bout, i can’t see anything, this isnt an alusion, its just pictures! u guys are so dumb!!

  29. they look like ghost LOL

  30. Rashley24 says:

    This is so awesome!!
    oh god, so amazing!! :D>

    Liu Bolin is such a great artist!
    Well Done.

  31. mayesha says:

    they r all soo good!

  32. This is BRILLIANT! It’s art and a sort of sculpture at the same time! And the people all look so expressionless….like human emotions don’t register anymore when one becomes simply background, or in the one with the military officer, simply invisible to the world..

    Very though-provoking images..

  33. Quiana says:

    their all really cool… except 4 the ninth 1… all he did was paint them red.. but really cool all the same

  34. Phil E. Drifter says:

    Totally retarded. I mean, what’s the big deal? He has to stand perfectly in one exact spot (and even when he does, he’s still visible) and as soon as he tries to move he’s clearly visible.

    You’re all retarded. What a colossal waste of time.

  35. Scoutiam says:

    Some better than others

  36. inmyshoes says:

    7&8 are good.The rest not so much.He’s done better.


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