Camo in Couch Illusion

Alex Mora found this body camouflage and mailed it to me. Maybe that is him hiding in the photo. I thought what can be so interesting about a couch, until I noticed camouflaged person. Do you see him? You should enlarge the photo if you have trouble spotting the illusion. I always liked those camouflage illusions. I believe it all started with one of our first posts (invisible cloak). Then people started submitting many similar stuff, one of the most successful was “Camouflaged Uniforms“, the article that hugely resembles this post. If you are more into flora and fauna camouflage, you will probably like that hard to find fish and camouflaged tree more. Enjoy, and don’t jump to other illusion links, before you spot the man hiding on the couch ;) What do you think – does this illusion belong into transparent category, or spot the object one?

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  1. wow first on my google homepage i was like its a couch wat is so interesting about that then i opened the website and saw the shoes then i just followed the body figure up and saw the camo man that is AWESOME!

  2. Not that hard to see unless it’s the First fast glance. Especially with the boots so obvious. Should go under “spot the object” category!
    Prety good i guess! Room could use a reno :)

  3. hahahaha dats pretty cool. at first i didnt see him, then i look really close a PEKABOO! i saw him! no offense, but that couch is HIDEOUS. but it works great for the illusion!

  4. Wow . . . . that had me fooled in two ways. One, i didn’t even notice the guy. XD Two . . . I thought hs boots were a cat . . . and they still look like a cat to me.

  5. instead of the government sending more troops into iraq, he just baught the current ones couches to match their uniforms

  6. Great illusion. When I first saw it, I thought it was a picture of my old couch. I almost freaked out a little because the pattern of that sofa had a bunch of bird faces hidden in it. It was a floral pattern with leaves and berries and stuff, but I counted over 8 faces hidden within it. Scared the crap out of me the way they stared.

  7. Amazing, if only he wore camo socks instead of those shoes, it would be so much cooler. Doesn;t stop this from being cool though

  8. The problem with this is that there is only one place to look if you want to see the person, so its not really hard at all.

  9. I think this is pretty cool! At first I thought his boots were a cat and then I noticed that you can see part of his face and then I realized that he was there. Neat trick!!!

  10. Wow, that is cool, if i didn’t see the hideline I would have thought it would have been a normal couch. nice cool

  11. This is a horrible illusion. Its so bad I wouldnt even call it an illusion. If I see anymore illusions like this on this site Im not coming back. PS the guy who was saying “damn nigga” should be shot

  12. The anonymous post at 4:02, take a chill pill!! some illusions r good, some arent. also the guy who said dam nigga was probably black, only black ppl say nigga. u would know that if u were cool

  13. Now that’s some innovation. At least he got some use out of that horrid couch! I thought the boots were a cat or something (curse you, old crappy monitor!), and then I saw his face and put it together.

    I think it would best qualify for “spot the object”, personally. As a future Army wife, this very much amused me. Great!

    -The Bardess

  14. That’s one couch you won’t find me bying. Wooooo ugly. Nicely done though, it takes two glances.

  15. Hmmm….

    I’m always trying to scare my siblings.

    I wonder where i could buy them…Heh heh heh (evil cackling)

    MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I love being evil.

    ok I’m off to but venomous spiders on people’s roll-on deodrant

  16. it’d be even funnier if he was wearing the couch material and the couch was camo.

    Could’ve done without the boots… maybe if he put that hat (the one on the floor) over them?

  17. Saw him in a glance, not hard at all. I just found this page, so I’m not familiar with your categories yet, I’ll check them out. This is cool though.

  18. That remembered me a message that recieved a friend. There was an all white room and an all white man jumped from the wall, shouting. It was good, but it only fear you if you’re just a child!

  19. Nice SGT F. :)

    Guess we finally found a use for that hideous Army Digital pattern they’re making us wear. That’s the only place I’ve ever seen it blend in….lol

    Oh, and yeah, it’s technically not an “illusion”, but it looks cool, so “get over it and drive on”.


  20. Funny, Sergeant, as the Army Times contacted the two people (cameraman and subject) who took the picture a few months ago to get their permission to print the picture and give the background story behind it. They ran the story and published the names along with the picture.

    I would know, the cameraman is watching me type this and the guy on the couch is a friend of mine stationed at Ft. Hood.

    Pretty pathetic when you need to lie for internet fame. Don’t worry, you’re not the first to falsely claim credit for this.

  21. I emailed her and she took a pic that looked extraordinarily like this. Back off Dan and Wallace.


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