Button Body Optical Illusion

Happy Thursday! Hope all of you have a good hump day, and we are on the fourth day of the week, and soon it will be party time when the weekend comes! Everyone has to wear clothes every single day of their lives, and some clothing has zippers while others have buttons! However, imagine what it would be like if the human skin covering the body also had zippers or buttons?

Today’s optical illusion is all about body buttons, and it’s so cool and clever that is really does look like this person’s skin is being held onto his body with a set of buttons!

 button body optical illusion

Ready to see something else that might blow your mind or perhaps inspire your imagination! This amazing little illusion is called the Spirit of the Water and the Woods, and it truly is because one innocent little picture can truly show something remarkable. So, do you all see the spirit? If you look very hard, you may see it, and here is a hint, all you need to do is either turn the image or turn your head in order to see it! If you are able to see, please let us know by posting a comment below.

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