Breaking News: Vurdlak Catches a Giant Squid!

As my auto-post explained earlier this week, I was away with my woman on a visit to her parents. We took a 4 day vacation on island of Korcula, where we both originate from. While on a fishing trip one evening, I managed to catch this giant squid (formally called Architeuthis). Can you believe the size of it? I for one was amazed, but only after seeing it on this photo taken with my iPhone, which luckily I had with me. Hehe, by now you probably realized that the squid was nothing special in size, and that this post has very little with true optical illusions. But Hey! I took the pic, I caught the squid, and MOI gave me opportunity to widely brag with my catch. Please don’t judge me, any true fisherman would do the same… So what do you think? How could we squeeze this as an illusion, any chance of you closing an eye on it, and considering this as a part of Relative Sizes category? Help me get out of this mess :) I can already hear you flaming… BTW broswe YouTube for “Giant Squid”, you’ll be mazed what comes out.

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  1. LOL! Wow, nice catch! Not upset at all, I love the illusions, being a magician myself, but enjoy taking a breather from them to view squid!

  2. I don’t blame you. I would brag about catching a squid. You don’t just go out fishing and catch something as cool as that, especially if you were out all day. Its better then a fish!

  3. Wow, that’s still pretty cool.

    I guess the first photo makes the squid appear much larger than normal, allowing it to be a true relative size illusion.

  4. I don’t see it….the black box at the bottom of the first pic ruins it. Plus, I know how big that part of a boat would be….am I the only one who wasn’t fooled? Nice catch though.

  5. lol Nicely done and worth bragging about! Too bad you didn’t have a couple of toy boats with you to really help with an illusion.

  6. Well the top one looks bigger then the bottom so itll fit in the size category. But if its a giant squid then you should get a award ,no one has ever caught a giant squid !

  7. thats actually a really cool and interesting colour for a squid. out on the beaches, some ppl also catch squid…smaller, and the colour is just a darkish brown and black…they also squirt out a lot of ink…lots of bubbly ink…

  8. I dont know, maybe its illegal to catch such small squid? but i dont know

    thats still better than what i have caught, i never went fishing.

    pretty good illusion

  9. Hey… Nice Try… It’s a pretty look try for an illusion, i’m a fan of your site but it’s the first time i have the chance to post a comment…. so… here am i… :P… have a nice vacation!… and have a good new year!… see ya!…

    i hope you can visit my blog in take a look on in it…

    sorry about my english… but I try…

    see ya!

  10. Haha, I think it’s funny. And it’s a good optical illusion, imho. It’s like the picture of the statue scoring at basketball.

    BTW, I love the site. It’s real good.

  11. Pretty cool, but definatly worth being on this site, illusion or not. Btw, has anyone notices vurdlak’s pudgy hand?? Honestly I thought he was in his mid thirties or something but by looking at his hand I have a feeling he’s a little over 90. with cellulite IN HIS HANDS. That’s just nasty man!

  12. hehe i thought it was bigger just by seeing the first pic, but by watching your hand i saw the squid’s real size xD

    awesome creature

  13. well, i was looking forward to the illusion. But MAN! that is soooo cool. so you caught it in korcula? i’ve never heard of it. hav eot look it up on google…

  14. hahaha I actually thought this was a huge squid… but on the 2nd image it is clearly visible its nothing to make a fuss about, BUT nevertheless its awesome :P


  15. cause the camera actually come close to the squid and the 2nd picture was far out and pictured it it simply are related sizes

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