Bose Optical Illusion Billboards

Thank you David and Xavier for sending me these most recent optical illusions. As we see, Bose has created some pretty neat optical illusion ads. Bose is a world famous company that sells higher end Hi-Fi audio devices, and this is why they used few of the most famous musicians in their campaign. If you look more closely, you will see that all of the faces were created from audio components and Hi-Fi parts. I bet Bose had great dose of inspiration from Harley Davidson’s Motorbike Faces and ClubMed. The author behind this creative idea was Nirmalya Chakraborty. Can you recognize all of the celebrities in this collection? Which one is your favorite? I like Elvis the most :)

Click Here for a RANDOM Optical Illusion

73 Replies to “Bose Optical Illusion Billboards”

  1. Actually, these are kinda lame. They would be much more impressive if they were comprised of actual electronic components, instead of vector renderings.

  2. i think the second guy is Indian singer Kishore Kumar. Makes sense because Bose was founded by an Indian guy, and the author of the illusion is Indian too

  3. Elvis, ??, Marilyn Monroe, & Jim Morrison of the Doors. I don't have a clue who the second guy is!! Cute from Bose.

  4. These aren’t really optical illusions!
    This is like calling a brick house an illusion, because it’s made with smaller pieces.

  5. Well we have Elvis Presley up first, followed by someone I don’t know, Marilyn Monroe, and Jim Morrison is at the bottom.

  6. i just got a set of 3 ” optical illusion” cards from my opticien (Pearle) for my birthday.
    I can scan them for you and send them. If you want them for your collection, please let me know:
    at [email protected] and dont post this answer on the site please……

  7. the second guy also seems kishore kumar to me
    i am a bit confused between mohammed rafi and kishore kumar
    good ad

  8. Who is that second guy?

    Kishore Kumar who passed away around the late 80s. He was a singer from India.


  9. is the second one Andy Kauffman?….. cause if so he isn’t a musician…. and neither is Marilyn Monroe for that matter(the third one)….. BTW i like the Marilyn on the best.:P

  10. Oops…. my bad the third one is Madonna… took a second look at it and it hit me like a ton of bricks…. DUH!! Still my favourite tho.

  11. these are kind of cool, but i don’t see what makes them an optical illusion. what is the illusion? it is clear the portraits are composed of hifi parts.

  12. You’re right, there’s no illusion, Christopher. They’re just nifty pictures, albeit shown here under a misleading header.

  13. The Jim Morrison one is awesome, all of them are, great artwork thanks bose not only for excellent quality sound, but for excellent quality pictures. Quite sure it is Madonna, not Marilyn Monroe

  14. 1-everyone should know who that is haha….
    2-I dont know who that is
    3-marylin monroe
    4-JIM MORRRISON!!!!! looks exactly like him haha

  15. #2 is Kishore Kumar from India. Though Bose is an American company, it was founded by the son of an Indian Immigrant who came to the states in the 1920s. Amar Bose is the founder of Bose. Thus Kishore Kumar is on the list.

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