Ben Heine: Pencil vs Camera

Let’s begin this week with a simple trivia: What do you think is the biggest problem for person updating this website (me)? It isn’t the content, nor writing. There is something else that gives me huge headache each time I’m on the road with my laptop. As I’m currently on vacation, I’m updating only when there is extra time for it. Still, I’m giving my best to ad at least one optical illusion per day.  Can you guess which factor bugs me the most in my work? I’ll explain tomorrow, but let’s hear your thoughts first!

Meanwhile, let’s check what Ben Heine has been up to. His gallery Pencil vs Camera, is interesting enough, but it still lacks illusory effects. Yet, there is this cat with pencil-drawn multiple eyes. If you remember one of our older posts, called Don’t Drink and Drive, you’ll quickly see the effect is identical (even though today’s picture is just a drawing). I was deeply amazed that simple drawing can give so much trouble to my brain/eyes.

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