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By on June 16, 2006, with 32 Comments

Here’s one animation that was sent to us by fan Steven Aparicio. It’s funny as you may see, and the trick is that the image shows face even when it’s rotated 180 degrees. Still, the faces are not the same, as you see. This reminds me of the time we went out, had couple of beers… but that’s another story :)

Before and After Six Beers


32 Responses
  1. GrimResistance says:

    i had that picture. :)

  2. yo mama says:

    i made that picture

  3. madman says:

    hahahahahahahahahheheheehehehahahehe chhchhc

  4. Sbredflag says:

    Hilarious! You’d never imagine it unless you turned your head upside down.

  5. Ashley says:

    My next door neighbor has this hanging in his garage lolol He drinks avidly, fyi.

  6. oinkerz says:

    verrry cool, makes you want to look at i 4ever

  7. BurninRubber says:

    Before 6 beers really stupid man
    After 6 beers somethin that looks like a king or a queen

  8. Nachos Yummy says:


  9. Pandas says:

    I thought they were both women

  10. kayla says:

    reminds me of a time i got drunk…….

  11. SerenaxChrist says:

    haha my grandmother has this somewhere in her house! :P

  12. msprez2be says:

    LOL! Luv Dat!

  13. 2seeme says:

    Uh….. Pandas they are both women…..LOL anyways that looks soo cool i agree that it does want to make you look at it 4ever!!!

  14. confused says:

    this is like kool i get it

  15. Anonymous says:

    The before 6 beers face looks revolting, and the after 6 beers
    face looks refreshed.

    How is that possible? XD

    Wait…I’m twelve, how am I suppost
    to know?

  16. Matt says:

    That is the cover for the Chuck Palinuchk novel Invisible Monsters its a great book

  17. Draco says:

    hahahah thats quality. i like it.

    just goes to show: alcohol is bad for you. ;)

  18. Shway says:

    This was used on the cover and back of a book by Chuck Palahnuik (the guy who wrote fight club) called Invisible Monsters. It’s pretty tripy.

  19. cat_princess says:


  20. Me haha!!! says:

    sohuldn’t it be reversed, you know, the princess before, the old ugly freak after… just my opinion! unless of course this is showing how you see things before and after…

  21. UGLY GF says:


  22. Anonymous says:

    Ha ha funny!

  23. ME! says:

    Nice illusion, but I think, if they were telling the truth, it should be reversed.

  24. Anonymous says:

    i only see the “pretty princess” girl only before 6 beers she is upside down. does this make me too optimistic?

  25. lennyox says:

    maybe the next time i go to the pub i should walk around on my head!!! oh i do when i fall over.

  26. HAHA says:

    Its supposed to have a picture of some ugly person in a bar, and after six beers, you see her as a hot babe

  27. Hey Ahn says:

    Funny how this works. :)

  28. Jasmine says:

    Ive seen that like on every website!

  29. ZL123 says:

    Before six beers looks like my grandmother…

  30. Promzo14-Got-Trolled says:

    I flipped my laptop upside down to look at “After 6 Beers,” but the picture flipped at exactly the same time and rate. I believe I was trolled! Haha

  31. sandra vergara says:

    wow i made it amazing yound and old/.’./

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