Beautiful Figures Made Out of Wood

You may accuse me of recycling some already-seen ideas, but I felt obligated to share Jason’s recent submission – one featuring beautiful impossible figures made out of wood. I haven’t had the chance to ask Jason if he made or photographed these himself, but the outcome is either-way perfect! Not sure about you, but I’d be delighted if we could obtain photos of these figures photographed from different, illusion-revealing angle. Let’s see if craftsmen among you are able to replicate these in wood or some other material…?

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  1. I really think these are either very good paintings or photoshopped. I actually make these myself. I haven’t made as many as I would like due to lack of tools but I do know how these could be made. I do love these though!!

  2. It’s not photo shopped. They simply cut away the front pieces at the right angle so that you can see the pieces behind it.

  3. Assuming these are real objects, the one on the left has a shadow on the cross piece that suggests great attention to detail – presumably there is a vertical piece of wood to cast the shadow that is hidden behind the front piece that we do see.

    Very nice!

  4. I love how some people automatically scream “Photoshop!” the instant they see something they don’t understand. I’m sure it’s a great compliment to the craftsmen who build these objects. I’ve seen these for years, and Games once did a cover story on them. Some people already have the right of it, and the rest of you need to think for a moment! What you are looking at is not a three-dimensional object–it’s a 2-D compression/representation of a 3-D object. And while it may be seen with binocular vision, which allows us to percieve 3-D, it’s photographed from a monocular point of view. Those two things make all the difference in the world. By leaving or cutting gaps in the objects and photographing them from one specific angle–because no other one would sell the illusion–the effect you see is achieved. If you saw the actual pieces, they wouldn’t look anything like a cube or a rectangle–unless you close one eye and look from one precise angle. My prescription for anyone who took the Photoshop cop-out is to find and play a game called Echochrome. the entire game is based on navigating perspective illusions like this. The Hera levels in God of War III also are based around these kinds of illusions. Play those, and you’ll soon become an expert in how these items can be constructed.

  5. hi
    A while back you had an illusion similar to this that showed how it was made & when viewed from a certain angle it did appear as one of these.
    Do you remember? if you do is it possible to send me a link?

  6. I believe this isn’t photoshopped, because the Necker’s Cube can be manipulated to look like that, and the one by it I made in Minecraft, and it seems it can be made, so yeah.

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