Beach Fun Optical Illusion

Happy Saturday to one and all, hopefully you all are still having 4th of July fun because of the long weekend. Since today is Saturday, you all might be doing something exciting, or to cool off, like go to the beach.  Who wouldn’t love to hit the beach on a hot day, and that is exactly what is involved in today’s optical illusion!

Take a look at this picture, and what do you see? Is this mom and her child really tiny, or are there giants running around on the beach capturing tiny people with their giant beach pails? One has to wonder if this woman and her child are hearing “fe fi fo fum” as they are about to be captured.

Beach Fun Optical Illusion


What do you all think? Is this woman and her baby really little or are there giants among all of us?  Want to see another fun and eye catching illusion? This one has elks hidden in it, and supposedly there are at least eight hidden elk in this illusion. Do you see them? Can you spot all the beautiful elk? The best way to see them all would be to study the contours of the elk closely, and if you do happen to find all eight, be sure you leave us a comment and let us know!

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