Ball Shadow Optical Illusion

Alright, I’ve conducted a little bit of research and I have found out that you guys and gals out there absolutely love brain teasers. As a matter of fact, I asked all of you that follow our page on Facebook as to what illusions you all liked the best and the response was overwhelmingly in the favor of brain teasers. Therefore, I’ve promised that I am going to start posting more brain teasers for all of you. Today, I have a major brain teaser that is royally going to mess with your mind. You seriously may hate me for this one after you look at it. Scroll down to see why you’re going to hate this brain teaser optical illusion.


See, I told you that you were absolutely going to hate me for posting this brain teaser optical illusion. It is definitely a very difficult one. Out of all of the people I’ve shown this to, less than 15% get the answer correct. Therefore, I’m wondering what answer you’ve come up with? Once you have your answer, you can leave it below in the comments section. Also, if you want, you can share this picture with your friends and I guarantee that you will be able to stump them. As I stated above, this is a very difficult optical illusion and not many people are capable of getting it right. Lastly, feel free to give this post a rating. I would definitely appreciate it!

18 Replies to “Ball Shadow Optical Illusion”

  1. “Scroll down to see why you’re going to hate this brain teaser optical illusion.”
    When scrolling down finds no answer… I indeed hate the illusion! Assuming ‘B’ is correct.

  2. Technically (a) ball does not correspond to either (b) or (c) because if the shadow on the floor is just a shadow then the ball should be placed at the right hand end of the table shadow to correspond with the actual table. If the dahow is being looked at as a mirror image then (a) would probably correspond with (c).

  3. I don’t think that b or c is the right answer.

    check the guy’s shadow first.

    maybe the so called table is a drawing on the floor,

    what do you think ?

  4. If the “balls” on the floor are supposed to be shadows of the balls on the table and “correspond” means “which ball, B or C, ball A is a shadow of”, then neither, because in real life there will be only the shadow of the table.

  5. It’s nothing to do with shadows it’s the colour and pattern of the ball and though the colour looks the same as C, it’s actually B (You can cut them with photoshop and paste onto a neutral background to check)

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