Awesome Infinity Circle…Tattoo Idea?

Infinity is a mathematical concept that’s used to describe something that is without end or limit. The idea of infinity is a popular one among people. It brings to mind things like endless love and eternal life, which are both pretty heartwarming and uplifting thoughts. Infinity is usually symbolized by a circle or an 8 on its side, like so ∞. But, there are many different ways and symbols that people choose to represent this concept. One could say that there may even be an infinite number of ways to represent it. I’ve seen quite a few different ways, but I think that this infinity circle is probably my favorite…

infinity circle illusion

This infinity circle is unique in that it’s not just a plain circle. It’s created from the word “infinity” repeated over and over. But, it can be read forward and backward. Take a close look, and you can see that the “f” and following “i” in the word when read clockwise actually forms the “y” in the word when read upside down and counter-clockwise.

Love it! And, I think it would make a pretty great tattoo, don’t you?

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