Awareness Test Optical Illusion

I have a flew (update: flu). It’s so hard doin’ anything while being sick. I’m like a walking zombie. I’m dizzy, sleep all day, but am not able to fall a sleep. Can’t read, can’t watch TV, everything I see looks like this. My head hurts when I try to talk or listen to someone. You wouldn’t believe how hard was it for me to stand up and write this post. I’ll report more when I feel a little better. Really hope this flu doesn’t last standard week. Enough whining. For today, it was simplest to post this “Awareness Test” sent in by Guilherme de Jesus. This is what Guilherme wrote, god knows when (sorry for such a delay G.): “Hi! First I would like to say your site is great, I check it everyday for new illusions :) This illusion is an advertising that i saw in a blog from Brazil (but wasn’t created there) and I laughed a lot with it, so I thought I could share with you. Thanks and keep the great job.”

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  1. That is awesome! Same goes for opportunities.
    Get better from your flu (not flew) because you can’t be feeling blue.
    HaHa. Lame joke. Whatever. Cool. I mean hot. Or not. Whatever. I’m getting the flu too. Can you tell?
    I can

  2. The word is “flu”, not “flew”… it’s short for influenza. “Flew” is a verb… past tense of “to fly”.

  3. Good one! I’ve seen quite the same test on a Swedish TV show (Hjärnstorm, meaning ‘brain storming’). I completely overlooked the monkey that time, but naturally spotted the bear right away this time :-)

  4. Haha Lmao i did not see that at all…..i thought they added it in the second time……..but then i replayed it and omg haha

  5. Hehe.. But I’ve seen a better version of this. In that version, the bear walked very near to the camera, but you still didn’t notice it.

  6. Seen it:) but i wasn’t too impressed with this particular one as i had already seen a better version of the same thing on Brainiac a long while back – which is where im sure this advertisement got the idea from!:) heh:P… – Someone did it before Brainiac though but i’m not sure who :) some people doing an experiment of 400 people.

    They did a whole lot of things in one episode and where at the end, after they did this certain piece/sketch, they mentioned alot of other things that were ‘mistakes’ in the episode ;) it was good,
    ^ this video contains everything i just mentioned. (including another little possible surprise at the end :P)

  7. testemony to the power of suggestion! I saw it first time bu because of the picture on top i thought it was the grim reaper

  8. I hope you get well soon =D
    I saw something like this with a gorrilla at a psychology seminar at NYU a few years ago. It got me the first time ;)

  9. That’s awesome! I watched it twice, just to make sure the bear was there the first time, because I completely missed him. This makes a great point since I almost get hit by cars every day, even when I’m walking.

  10. when i saw it passing by i thought it was the grim reaper then i heard the announcer and i was like ooh its a bear yeah i see it now=P

  11. i didnt see no moonwalking bear! u didnt tell me too look for no moonwalking bear! stupid test. ask me to look for a moonwalking bear and ill look for the stupid moonwlking bear. you’d think if someone was aware thre ws gonna be a moonwalking bear thy’d say somwthing. jeez….by the way, i still dont see no effin moonwalking bear and ive been watching this vid over and over….. ahole

  12. Frank: I was there, I assure you. Look again.

    And the whole point of the test is that the user, when asked to focus all their attention on a task, doesn’t notice something as obvious as a moonwalking bear passing by the screen. Test works perfectly.

    1. It also works pretty good because the bear is black, if you would have been asked to count how many times the black team passed, you would have noticed.

  13. Hey frank dont count the balls just watch it but dont count the passes. you should see a dark brown bear walking in the middle of the the people. skip to 0:15 seconds and i can assure you you will se a guy dressed in a bear costume!

  14. wow that was a good vid tough at first im like what? moon walkin bear *idioit* then i thought it was added to trick you the n i looked back and there was the moon walin bear PS what with accent

  15. the accent is ‘cos they’re british, genius…
    anyway, nice ad! I don’t seem to have ever seen this, even though i am from Brasil…

  16. haha i love this one. i originally thought it was going to ask me how many passes the team on black made instead of asking how many the team in white made (while still asking you to count the white ones at the beginning)because when i was a kid there would be commercials like that and i always felt so stupid when i didnt know

  17. The first time I watched the video I saw the “bear”. I can imagine another person watching the video and counting the passes:

    Person: 1, 2, 3, 4, WHAT THE FU–!?!?!?!

  18. Though this didn’t trick me, I’ve seen a video similar to this before, and it definitely fooled me. I’ve tried it on my entire family, and it’s very interesting to see what different people see and count, especially when you can link this to their personality.

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