The Art of Shadows Video Optical Illusion

Good morning everyone! Today is Monday, and everyone is just starting their week! Hopefully, you all got plenty of rest over the weekend, and are rested and refreshed for a brand new week!

How many of you have ever played with shadow puppets, or watched when someone else did shadow puppets? Shadows can be fun, and anyone that has ever watched them play across their ceiling or floor at night can understand just how deceptive they can be! Today’s optical illusion is actually a video that shows the power of shadows.

Quite an impressive sight is it not? The way that the tree was turned into the Flamenco dancer? This video just goes to show how talented some people can be at creating mind blowing optical illusions!

Ready to check out another fun optical illusion? Check out this Ticino Village illusion, and what do you see? Do you all see two men working in the village or do you see something else? Illusions are a lot of fun because they can really stimulate the imagination, and if you all see the hidden illusion, be sure you drop us a comment below and let us know all about it! Happy Monday and have a great day!

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