Ariel Stain Remover Optical Illusion

As always, if you are into marketing, and would like your marketed product to gain as much attention possible, be creative! This is what I’m constantly promoting to my fellow marketers. Optical illusions contain just that special ingredient of design/mystery, thus helps numerous brands that decide to use them as part of their advertising. Check our Billboards section to see what I’m talking about! And no, (unfortunately) I’m not compensated for any of these posters I put on my site. The reason they’re hear is because nicely done optical illusions, are often manufactured by professional design companies, most of the time as byproduct of some advertising campaign. Still, the reason they get viral probably lies in the things I already mentioned. Just think about it – I believe Über-success story is when you YOUR AD goes VIRAL (equals = free marketing and branding)! For example, take a look at Ariel poster for their new stain removal product. They cleverly used one of the most recognized color adapting illusions, and got that WOW EFFECT for their ad. This isn’t the first time Ariel did something creative. More examples inside.

ariel stain remover Optical Illusion 1

ariel stain remover Optical Illusion 2

ariel stain remover Optical Illusion 3

51 Replies to “Ariel Stain Remover Optical Illusion”

    1. I don’t think they are supposed to look like faces, I think the stains are just supposed to disapear. :)

  1. It didn’t really work for me…. I’m assuming the “stains” are supposed to look like they disappear or something but I couldn’t make it happen for me.

  2. the third one is which works best…the stain almost disapear for complete…cna anyone tell me what was the ilusion bout the magnuns??…coudnt get it at all!!!

  3. oh i guess you just take that ariel product to draw a white cross on your cloth so everybody who stares at it won’t see the real stains around either right? :D

  4. OMG it disapears! it took me a while but then if you stare real well at the cross andnot anything else like “stain” on the shirt, the skarf, and the other shirt

  5. umm, for the people that dont see the stains disappearing,
    just keep your face 20 cm away from the screen and watch very concentrated and without blinking.
    Then they should disappear in 5-15 seconds

  6. I know what it’s supposed to do – fade with eye fatigue. I just don’t see it. Nice idea, though. I’d look twice if I saw Ariel stain remover in the store, after this, which makes a successful ad campaign.

  7. “Stains” do disappear, but it takes some effort. These pictures are quite small and that text near the cross do not help in focusing. I can also see faces in that first picture. I first thought that was the illusion.

    And jojo: I think, that Magnum icecream illusion was, that it also looks like a brown butt. :)

  8. hmmm I stared at the stains and they begin to look like faces to me, I didn’t even know they’re supossed to disappear… lame!

  9. You have to make your illusions surprsing and amazing…..your illusions are somthing you have to look at and change it with your eyes, we want the picture to be tricked already(and this illusion didnt work the stains didnt go away) your illusions are good ….at first because you think your going to be tricked but you hsve to stare for 10 seconds….so be wise about your illusions and let the pics do the work

  10. It worked for me! Ten seconds and the stains vanished. Mitschka Advisory likes this a lot. How creative!

  11. These “oil stains” you see are a moire pattern – the photo has been scanned too small to reproduce the illusion properly. It’s possible they also used custom inks/paper/screens.

    If you happen to catch the ad in a newspaper, it will certainly stand out at you better. The presses that print those images achieve 300 dots per inch, against the ~50dpi reduction you see here.

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