Are You Sober?

This is the third version of “Are you Drunk” test. First we had a cute 4-eyed girl, then there was Double Dangerfield, and now we have Premier Blaire. You should look at the pictures and then decide if you are sober, and is there something wrong with the photos? Have they been manipulated? Also don’t forget to check Focus illusion. It will help you get in the previous shape.

22 Replies to “Are You Sober?”

  1. Yer, I think i’m sober…
    This is just a use of the clone stamp tool in Photoshop. Although, living in the UK, i think most of us agree that Blair has two faces… :-p

  2. It would have been nice if the “artist” didn’t just cut and paste this job. Look at that nasty line on his nose! It hasn’t even been smoothed out.

  3. You guys are pathetic, it’s still an illusion, regardless of photoshoping or not. If you pay attention, the eyes tend to multiply when you look at them right. (It also helps to be partially blind)

    1. No, if you’re drunk there would be nothing wrong with that photo!!! C’mon, even I know that, and I’m 11 years old!!!

  4. Yea, I have Photo Explosion and it like photoshop and i can do that :L
    lol yea
    This is pretty kewl tho : ]

  5. Can’t you see it’s meant to make your brain go all funny when you stare at it for a while! this is NOT showing off photoshop skills. WHO CARES if you can do it or not.

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