37 Replies to “Are the purple lines straight or bent?”

  1. They are straight. I saved the picture and on paint shop pro I put a straight black line in the middle of the purple ones, and it fit perfectly. Nice try though. :)

  2. Well if youll look at the black spot in the middle for a short time , and then stair at a white piece of space , youll see perfectly that its straight and blue with black lines .

  3. I AGGREE with uh… MMM. They are straight. They look bent because…. I have 2 theories.
    1. The affect of the black circle in the middle and lines
    2. The lines are 3D, Giving off the ‘bulging’ affect.

  4. This is just like the space theory where a massive object distorts time! You can see a star behind the star/planet/black hole because the massive object bends your line of sight around the object! just like the black spot makes the lines do!

  5. They are straight. The circle in the middle is also in the center of a thin straight black line which causes a bulging appearence on the larger purple lines. The background is yellow, which on the color scale is the opposite of purple, causing distortion in the smaller color. If you also look closely, the purple line has small distorted dots. The purple lines are STRAIGHT!!!!

  6. weird comments, but the lines are definatly strait. if you hold a piece of paper up to the purple lines you will see that they are perfectly strait.

  7. MIR4CL3 its called the space button
    seriously its annoying when ppl do that
    its the long one on the bottom just in case you didn’t know and yes they are straight

  8. Well, its a gud one, & I know the reverse sort of effect, which makes u think the lines have bulged in together, I’ll post it.

  9. Stare at the black dot for about 5 seconds [counting like this: 1001 1002 1003 etc.] and then the purple lines start looking straight but don’t take your eyes off the black dots. My servants told me this. [I’m a princess living in a palace in India.]

  10. the lines are straight. to see it, look at them from either side of the screen. As if you were looking along a wall. the illusion is revealed. wasn’t this one in my elemenary school library?!? :)

  11. The line is straight.
    There is a reason why:
    The pixels in the picture are very big as you can see on the diagonal lines. The Purple lines don’t have any pixels out of place, so theyre straight.

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