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By on August 14, 2011, with 29 Comments

The idea might be old, but the execution isn’t! Whether or not you had the privilege to see our ancient painted trucks (both fake and real ones), vans or buses – you have to admit that the illusion works. Perhaps in one of the best examples yet, company under the name of Liskey used this well known idea where they hyper realistically painted ______ car on-top of their _____ van. Now please be kind and fill the gaps with missing vehicle names and types as I was never good at recognizing them…

Another Classic Painting Job


29 Responses
  1. Andrew says:

    It looks like a Ford Econoline van; not sure about the car, though!

  2. Jeffrey says:

    Clearly this should be a marketing technique for boring cars.

  3. bobby orr says:

    ’52 chevrolet fleetline is the gold car

  4. bobby orr says:

    sorry ’57chevy fleetline

  5. Mike Af8 tofronte says:

    it appears to be either a 48 to 50 gm turtle back or chrysler of the same period, with approx 8″ chop top, raised suspension, lead decks and custom paint with rear skirts and rolled rear deck. Hidden selinoid door latches, tinted glass.

    I want to say buick or oldsmobile.

  6. jvdix says:

    This looks like it belongs (or belonged) to Liskey’s printing (not painting, sorry to say). It’s not the logo on their website or on front of their building, but they do have the same logo in a different coloration on a business directory website:
    They would probably tell us the vehicle makes. The car looks like it’s from the 1940′s.

  7. Ms No Name says:

    The car is actually painted onto the van.
    Smart but pretty obvious.

  8. Craig Schaff says:

    gold car & white van. I can”t tell either

  9. sazml says:

    thats pretty cool and a great advert if Liskey did it therself

  10. Beterbfirst says:

    Niiice, even though its been done before… I hope im first, ive never been first :l

  11. Brian says:

    Am just blown by the imensity of it,” imensity ” is that a real word? above is that a car? both say a lot.

  12. plmethvin says:

    The gold one’s a Studebaker. :3 A car well known of the 1950s.

  13. bronwyn says:


  14. August. says:

    fancy car, dinky van (I WIN)

  15. becky says:

    that is so cool

  16. someone u don't know says:

    this is sick lol

  17. Junnor says:

    Chopped and channeled 1948 Mercury coupe.

  18. Valerie says:

    Love these kind of illusions. These are the kind of illusions that got me hooked to the site in the first place. It must be confusing for other road users though!

  19. Valerie says:

    Forgot to fill in the blanks. As I know nothing about cars and use words like “shiney” and “lovely” to describe them. I will fill in the gaps with “A SEXY” and “CRAPPY” Although not the correct name for the cars they are fitting!

  20. Care Bear says:

    I can’t fill in the blanks but I can say it gives me a great idea of what to do with my 1988 Grand Caravan. Thanx.

  21. Care Bear says:

    Whoops. That should be 1998. My, how time flies.

  22. Artemis Fowl says:


  23. Moillusions lover says:


  24. Alysha says:

    its just a car painting on a van

  25. elias says:

    I think like Mrs Alysha just and Oldsmobile painting on a van

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