Animated Dots

Are you ready for an optical illusion that’s somewhat of a brain teaser, but it also going to mess with your sense of perception a little bit? This animated optical illusion is definitely going to mess with your mind, because it’s cool to look at as just an animated image with a nice effect or you may get something more out of it. To me, this animation is a bit creepy, because it reminds me of a scene from the film “House on Haunted Hill,” but you may not find it creepy at all. Either way, the object of this illusion is to look at it and see if any words appear to you. Scroll down below to check out the illusion:

Animated Dots

Now, as you see, this is a really cool illusion. There are dots moving and it looks as if they’re on some sort of a conveyor belt or what not. However, some people say that the dots actually make up words in this image. Do you see any words appearing in the image? If so, you should leave a comment below and let us know. If not, I’m sure you’ll enjoy looking at the image for the cool effect it gives off. If you like this optical illusion, you should rate it and let us know. Alternatively, you could leave a comment.

11 Replies to “Animated Dots”

  1. Um… I don’t know what other people see in it, but it was originally created to demonstrate the movement of particles in a longitudinal wave (think sound waves created by vibrating particles in air). The overall disturbance moves to the right (the sound travels), but the individual air molecules only oscillate back and forth around an equilibrium position.

  2. I don’t see any words. What I see is a series of compression waves moving through a medium. For example, this is how sound waves travel through air.

  3. Well,
    Hardly any words.

    The illusion is, as far as I think, that the dots are doing just a small to-and-fro movement, and give you a feel of big circular belt rotating around vertical axis.

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