Animal Handprints

Can you find a gorilla hidden inside this hand-print? I bet you can if you look a little closer, but please be sincere – if I didn’t mention gorilla, you wouldn’t find it so easy! There are four more examples if you jump inside the post. So go a head, search for more hidden animals in other examples. Feel free to comment your findings. After you are finished, be sure to check other “handy” optical illusions. They can be found inside body paint category in the sidebar. Enjoy!

29 Replies to “Animal Handprints”

  1. I could see the animals immediately… Please dont tell that we couldnot see if you didnot mention…although the sketches are good :P

  2. obviously these are all fake, they are hand print with paint layered upon them, it is an optical illusion, not a real life situation. plus i would have said they were extremely easy to find; too obvious and too fake.

  3. you whould have said: “can you spot the animals in these hands?” cuz i find it easier to spot the hand

  4. Dude. I saw the animals before I even noticed they were in the shape of a hand. Too easy. Worst illusion ever.

    They are photoshopped, but that’s to be expected — people’s hands don’t have animals on them. They are pretty, though.

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