An Old Man or a Young Couple?

I had this old school illusion with me like forever. I never saw anything strange in it, and was actually puzzled why I had it among my files in the first place. But today I stumbled across higher-res version, and after a moment or two the illusion jumped right out at me! Boy, was the solution well hidden for me. How about you? Were you able to see it immediately?

I guess the title might have helped, yet the old Autumn-man with leaves in his hair is so much more visible than the hidden motive inside it. I love these sort of illusions! It’s like that time when you had to switch from seeing old couple and see the young couple instead. Maybe Old Hag illusion was even better example…

24 Replies to “An Old Man or a Young Couple?”

  1. I saw it right off but then when I tended to look more deeply at it I lost it, so I then looked away and back again. That’s the key. Cool !!!

  2. The nose is the head of the lady, her hair is his right eye, the dress goes down into the beard.The left eye is the mans hat and face kissing the lady.

  3. I wish that people would head posts like beverly’s with ‘Spoiler Alert’-I had seen the illusion, but if I hadn’t, it would have been ruined for me.

  4. Oh my gosh! I couldn’t seen it for the longest time but then, I just starred at the nose and it slowly came into focus! Not I cannot see the old man. It’s like he was never there!

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