An Eskimo or A Native American?

indian-eskimo optical illusionIf you frequently browse for optical illusion material around the net, there’s a big chance you’ve already encountered today’s picture. Can’t believe how we managed to skip this one. It belongs to the old school illusion collection, ones that are as old as Da Internet itself.

I’d like to know what do you see in this painting next to my text? Is it a Native American, or should we see an Eskimo entering some sort of cave entrance instead? Dunno, as I can see both of them. Btw, does the big face kinda remind you of those centuries-old stone heads from Easter Island? What’s with the mystery surrounding them? Was it by now discovered how they got there in first place? Be kind and comment if you have some news about this stuff…

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    1. I do not see Eskimo @ all? Think I am Native American…?/yes 1/2…I see no Eskimo and there are “Eskimo Indians” As well as Irish,African,German,Polish,Yiddish, and on and on and on…I love Eskimo’s :=)

  1. Ah, I never tire of these! They always make my brain hurt. Good times :)

    And yes, it does kind of remind me of the stone heads…

    1. Native American would be a poor choice of words in this case. OP probably meant American Indian in which case Eskimos are not American Indians.

  2. Interesting, it’s really possible to see both in this picture at the same time, haven’t got that with other illusions.

  3. Actually the Native American stands out for me, it took a bit of gazing to see the Eskimo – I guess if one looks at the bottom first and sees the legs and feet …
    But I live in Alaska and wouldn’t necessarily identify that as an Eskimo in any case.

  4. The first one I saw was the Native American. Then I saw eskimo in the name and found him almost instantly afterwards.

    Some ancient civilisation carved them as tributes to their god, and to move them around the island they cut down all the trees and rolled them into position. That’s why there’s no trees on the island now and why the civilisation died out. So I’m told.

  5. At first, all I could see was a Native American. But, after studying it for a minute or two, I was able to make out the Eskimo entering a cave.

    Not bad.

    1. No, hes not. He is being a RACIST IDIOT. It is INUIT, not ESKIMO, and im sure any Inuits who veiw this site will be deeply offended.

  6. I always considered Eskimos of Alaska to be Native Americans. People have become so afraid to use the word Indian.

  7. Be old school it may be, but i totally missed it… until now. Thanks for sharing.
    I did see both of them at almost the same time, but that could be because you’ve trained our brains to see past the misleading to the truth of the illusions.
    Keep it up Vurdrak (must begetting very difficult to find fresh illusions at this point) and good luck!

  8. I can’t comment as to the origins of the heads on Easter Island, but I’m wondering if the nose on this particular Native American could have been used in other after-hours pastimes with the ladies…I’m just sayin’

  9. its not that we didn’t know how the stone heads were built. but what the mystery surrounding them is, is why did all the inhabitants on the island die at the same time AFTER the completion of the stone heads?

    and yes i’ve seen that illusion before

    very old school. can see both :D

  10. FYI: Native American, Indian, and Eskimo are broad terms for different kinds of tribes or clans. Native American usually covers North America, when people hear Native American they only think the US. It’s not only the US. Indians and Eskimos are Not the same. There are over 100 tribes/clans of Indians in North and South America, each with their own name. Whatever you do, do Not call an Eskimo a Indian. They will get mad at you. There are only 6 to 8 different tribes of Eskimos. -Inuit- is only one tribe of the Eskimos. You can find Eskimos in Russia, Alaska/US, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, well pretty much the Northern part of the world.

    So, pretty much you can take the terms Native American, Indian, Eskimo and break them down to their tribe/clan names to be “politically correct” OR you can use the terms as in general references. Both are “politically correct.”

    Thanks for what you have been doing on this site. I love it!

    I saw a Native American than the Eskimo.

    Hi, my name is Joy. I’m Inupiat which is Eskimo. I live in Alaska.

  11. Ooops I forgot to say…some -Inuits- don’t like being called Eskimos. Even though they are considered part of the different Eskimo tribes.

  12. Actually! i saw something so diferent :s ahahaha i saw an Eskimo fucking a man :S the Eskimo’s hand looks like a face of someone who is closing his/her eyes because of the pain! lol!!!

  13. i see a native American to be honest… it has one of those long earings that they wear and the face and everything it really doesn’t look like an eskimo at all to me… n it reminds me of one of those hawian tikis lol

  14. Am I the only one who sees not only the previously mentioned images, but also a guy sitting on the crapper straining to take a dump? Look at the eskimos mitten. It looks like a guys face with his back to you and his head turned to the right, with the “Y” shaped device representing his scrunched up eyes.

  15. My mum created this in the seventies for Gombrich, it appears in a book called Art and Illusion, the first edition. It is called The Winson Figure.. I’ve seen it all over the internet, and in all sorts of books, but nobody knows she did it!

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