AMREF’s Wakafrika Billboards

If you haven’t heard, there is this organization called AMREF (short for African Medical & Research Foundation), which makes the World’s Leading African Health Development Organization. And as you might have guessed, it battles to provide better health care to people of Africa. But what’s even more interesting for us, optical illusion-orientated audience, is AMREF’s recent billboard campaign. Check out these incredible posters below! What do they remind you of? How about blurring your eyes for a second? Unfortunately, AMREF didn’t come to this idea by itself. In my belief Manu Dibango did it much earlier with his Wakafrika LP cover. You can see it attached at the end of this post.

Click Here for a RANDOM Optical Illusion

38 Replies to “AMREF’s Wakafrika Billboards”

    1. LOL . . .we all do dumb things, Denzel. I’m just glad I didn’t say something stupid like “a gall bladder.”

      Cool idea, but not much of an optical illusion.

  1. freaking awesome…i wonder how long it took them to do that, there’s some editing but the actual positions of the people and the clothes must have taken ages to do…AWESOME

  2. pretty cool. At first I had no idea where the illusion was til I tried blurring my eyes. Awesome! Though the rose one I don’t really like.

    Its too…like, just grab a cool bride and some roses and change the shape of the roses. Done!!


  3. How can people be saying its not an illusion. Its something looking like something its not. In this case people (or roses) looking like the country of Africa. It may not be the most elaborate illusion but it still is an illusion.

    1. People usually get confused between south america and africa because when the countries were in one mass called pangela,africa and south america were one land. Infact is u can cut out africa and south america from a map u can fit them together like puzzle pieces!

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