Amazing Moving Patterns Video

In order to understand this, watch the video below
In order to understand this, watch the video below

An interesting video has spread across internet recently. It became so viral, that I’ve received it from many different sources in a way of submission. I’m still not sure why I’m so judgmental against posting YouTube clips to this site, but when something cool as this hits my Inbox, it would be shame to ignore it. After viewing the video below, some of our old timers will quickly remember Magic Moving Pictures article posted almost 3 years ago. This example is rather new, yet the procedure is 100% identical. Have any of your tried making this on your own? I have many more interesting video illusions in my mailbox, so expect to see them posted throughout the end of the coming week.

Want to hear a fun story? I finally decided to finish one of my courses I’ve registered for all the way back in 2005. So I sat and studied it for a few days, gone through dozen of past exams, and when I finally felt ready – I went for it and signed up for the exam. Boy, was I surprised when my professor gave me the paper. It was as if you studied math, and got an exam in physics. I asked him is this some kind of a mistake? Are you sure you didn’t you give me the wrong exam? I didn’t recognize a single question! When I explained to him I attend this University since 2002 (what can I say, after starting my company I somehow neglected college) – all made sense. It turned out the course itself changed so much over the years, and now includes algorithms and technologies, ones that weren’t available back then when I first signed for that particular course. All my work went down the drain…

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  1. wow, that’s really cool!!! i want to try it, i wonder how you could make one of those illusions? Thanks for sharing it with me!

  2. This is so amazing!

    I used to have an optical illusion book, and this was in it. I remember it had a red and white plastic slip that you slid over the page and watch the object on the page move.

    Really love your website, its a widget on my mac and fully enjoy seeing what the new illusion is.

  3. Thats brilliant, i especially like the way you cant tell what the pictures going to do until the slats come across.
    Id love to know how to make them, any references?

  4. This is an effect called MoirĂ© pattern (you can look it up in Wikipedia). You can also see this effect when you scan photos from a newspaper (in a low resolution). Suddenly you will see lines and circles appear in the scanned image because of this effect. Another example can be seen in the trailer of the tv series ‘the green hornet’ which starred Bruce Lee! You can find this on youtube ( The effect is visible around the 30 second mark. To get an effect as seen above, you probably need a computer program. Creating this by hand would be an impossible task in my opinion.

  5. There are a series of children’s books with the same animation technique. I know two titles are Gallop and Swing. There is a more recent title which is escaping me. Look into it, they are pretty sharp.

  6. um…your analogy is based on a logical fallacy. physics actually involves math (alg., geom., trig., calc.)…i didnt know u could take an exam years later

    anyways, i googled and found out that there is a book called “Magic Moving Images” with things like those in the video

    uber cool illusions! =D

  7. `This isn’t so much an illusion as an optical effect. The lines in the mask line up with lines on the paper. As the mask moves, it reveals a new set of lines. The black lines on the mask help fill in the gaps, and your brain helps to make a shape out of the white lines that do show. You can create an animation by creating say 8 different images over top of each other, each image showing a frame in the animation. You then remove the area that would be hidden by the mask for each image. Each set of lines for each frame in the image should be offset by the previous by the width of the clear line in the mask.

  8. dude thats… the best s**t ever howd he do that?, anyone got anyrefernaces where i can get the slats and the images? i would be most gratefull

    Love ya :)

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