Absolutely Terrifying Optical Illusion

This terrifying optical illusion is one that requires a little thought but after a few looks, you’re bound to fall in love with this one. Too many people look down on the “dark side” of life and see it as something morbid. That definitely isn’t the case. This optical illusion is so much more than. It is an expression of creativity, morbid curiosity (not just something morbid), and free thinking. Take a look at the terrifying optical illusion below and give it a few minutes to process in your brain. Do you see something dark and scary? Perhaps you see something beautiful? Either way, you’re going to see more than one thing in this image.

scary optical illusion

Now, what did you see? Obviously, you see a human eye with a skull in the pupil area. What is the significance of the skull to you? Is this person facing death? Are they on the verge of murder? Is it something else? There’s no definitive answer to this question and each of you will surely see something different (while some will see the same thing). This image may inspire you to head on over to Wikipedia to research the most brutal serial killers or it may inspire you to kick your bad habits to the curb. Either way, it is most definitely going to inspire you to do something. Share this terrifying optical illusion with your friends, family, and colleagues. Some of them may find it weird at first but they’ll appreciate whatever subliminal messages that they come up with courtesy of this optical illusion.

11 Replies to “Absolutely Terrifying Optical Illusion”

  1. With you adding the description, that just disturbs me. Without your description, this image wouldn’t terrify me one bit. Thanks to you, you just screwed me up by 1

  2. …And by 1 I mean by “In the mood of bombarding myself with an endless stream of the most exrtremly terrifying and disturbing images and videos that I will litteraly KILL myself and go to HELL just to stop looking at it.

  3. Yes, I just said it. I’m terrified as the word “terrifying” plus a thousand disturbing images put together with disturbing and scary music. I HATE this so much I want to over-react and really hang this artist! I don’t care if he’s an old poor man or a young guy in his 50’s! I MEAN IT! If you don’t think I mean it, I’m really heating up and I feel really warm in a bad way because I have a feeling of hate for everything graphic violence and just pure bad.

  4. What I find amusing about this is that it’s one of the few famous Escher illustrations that doesn’t actually have anything optically “funny” going on—the skull visible in the pupil is quite straightforward. The illusive element doesn’t come into play until you realize, as the first few commenters mentioned, that if you saw this in reality, the skull image would have to be your own reflection. It’s less an optical illusion than it is a mindscrew or fridge horror.

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