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  1. This was actually pretty easy, took me about 30 seconds

    1. The obvious, old man with beard right in the middle of the photo
    2. Woman’s face above the column on the right
    3. The old man with a hat inside the big picture of the bearded old face
    4. The woman inside the bearded old face
    5. The baby that the woman is holding
    6. The face right above the left column with the bird post making up the forehead and nose
    7. The face right above #5, nose and forehead ade up of bird’s chest outline
    8. The face right underneath the bird’s tail on the left
    9. Side view of a face right bellow a bird’s tail on the left

    See, that was easy!!! :)

  2. there are four faces in the upper right corner, with the black bird in the middle. Behind the bird are two of them. One face is seen from the front, and the second is a profile using one of the fisrt face’s eye and and the pole the bird is standing on. in front of the bird are two faces one on top of the other, one using the pole, and the other the bird (with another bird in the distance to make an eye) to make two profiles…

    i guess the one your missing is one of those… cause it makes nine in my count.


  3. i saw nine:

    -the mom
    -the baby
    -the old man w/ the cane
    -the huge head
    -the female on the right
    -four faces on the left (look very hard) (the crow and the crow in the distance make a face)

  4. there’s four in the upper left corner. focusing your attention on the upper left and moving from the bottom left, counterclockwise: there’s a face head on; right profile; left profile; and right above it, antoher left profile (someone with a beard).

    there’s a face in the upper rightish in profile.

    there’s the big head.

    the old man with a cane.

    the mother.

    and her baby.

  5. The large head has 5 (the head itself, the woman and her baby that form the ear, and the eye and nose form 2 people looking in opposite directions). To the left of the pillar with the bird on top is one face, to the right is 2, one on top of each other. On the other side of the arch is a face looking away (the ninth)

  6. three in the left corner;
    1 at the left of the bird and
    2 at the right of the bird:
    at the right theres another bird if you look good thats an eye.

    but a bit lower of that you’ll see another face pressing against the
    big “stick”, it also has hair made from grass.
    thats three already, let go furhter with four and five;
    the fourth one is at the upper right corner which is also kissing number five if you look good you’ll see it.(or is standing there as a shadow of the fifth face.)

    6: is the women in the dress
    7: is the baby that woman is holding
    8: is the guy with the hat standing next to the women

    and at last.
    9: the big picture of an old man that is formed by both the man with the hat and the

  7. Here is what I find…

    1. Old guy with baldy head
    2. Old guy with cane
    3. Lady with orange Shawl
    4. Face looking right at you (at birds tail)
    5. Face looking right (using the bishop chess piece)
    6. Face looking left (using the bishop chess piece)
    7. Face just above (using a bird in the distance as an eye)
    8. Face looking right on the right hand side (using the little bit of the bishop chess piecece)
    9. Probably the one most people have trouble finding is the baby in the ladies arms!

  8. well.. if the baby with the lady counts as 1 face, then I’ve got 9. else it’s 8 :P

    contact me by tagging! :P hehe

  9. 1. Big main guy, whose bald head is formed by the arch, and whose hand is formed by the dog.
    2 and 3. Mother and child formed by the ear of the ‘main guy’.
    4. Bearded old man in wide-brimmed hat, leaning on a stick, looking out of picture. His right elbow is the ‘main guy”s nose and his upper face is the upper eyelid of the ‘main guy’.
    5. Old lady in cap, looking to our left. Her face is the eyeball of the ‘main guy’, her cap is the face of the bearded old man in the hat, her ruff is the bag beneath the eye of the ‘main guy’, her face and ruff form the beard of the bearded old man in the hat.
    6. Top right of frame – young woman’s profile looking right.
    7, 8 and 9. Top left of frame. There are two profiles, looking left and right, formed by the carved pillar on which the bird is standing. And there is a full-frontal face to the left of those two, whose left eye forms the eye of one of the profiles.

  10. I think I have found all 9. Here’s where they are (easiest to hardest)

    1. The old bald man with hand on chest
    2. The old man standing with hat (composes ear and nose of bald man)
    3. The lady standing in long dress
    4. The baby in the ladies arms
    5. In upper right, profile of a face looking right located just above column and to the right of the arch
    6 & 7. In upper left there are four faces, 2 on each side of the spire with the bird on top. To the right of the bird you can find 2 face profiles looking to the left stacked on top of each other.
    8 & 9. To the left of the bird you can find 2 more faces superimposed on top of each other – one face is looking straight at you while the other face borrows the left eye to form a profile looking to the right.

  11. hi there!

    yes im pretty sure i can see 9. im not sure which one you missing out but i think its the face at the top teft corner. there are actually three faces, the flying crow to the right makes the eye.

    im not sure if you spotted that one but for me it was the hardest one to find.

  12. Hi Everybody :)
    4 : A big head containing an old man and a woman holding a baby
    3 : left upper corner, two faces, and you can see the third from a bird sculpture (the small bird is an eye)
    2 : right side – you can see a womans face kissing someone, I think that the original picture don’t have a border so you can see it better.

    Tell me if I’m wrong :)

  13. Hi.

    4 : A big head containing an old man and a woman holding a baby.
    3 : On the left side where the bird sculture is there’s a face on the left and the right side, and also the sculture is with a little bird as an eye is one face.
    2 : On the right side there’s a woman’s face and it seems like she is kissed by someone, but I’m not sure about that ( I enlarged the picture and I think that there is someone) :)

    or a dog if that counts something :)

  14. We have found all 9!! if the baby counts as one,
    1- the old mans head
    2&3- the old mans ear is a wonam and child
    4- the front of the old mans face makes a man with a hat on
    5- above the right hand piller there is a face
    6&7- above the left hand piller a profile of a face is made by the stone work the bird is sitting on, then the bird and the flying bird in the background(eye) make a profile
    8&9- on the otherside of the stone work there is a profile of a face and a womans head face on.

  15. Well done everybody.

    To those who have seen nine, I have actually seen 12.

    There are THREE more that no one seems to have seen.

    > Top left corner. two faces disguised as clouds, they apperar to be kissing.

    > Top right corner. one partially disfigured face disguised amongst the clouds. which actually, if you look harder can see the whole body of an infant.

    anyone can see others

  16. I saw eleven before josu pointe out the twelth, this was a good one and got me off the hook from working for a little bt:)

  17. Do you really want obscure? Turn photo 90 degrees counter clockwise. Look at the cobblestone area. Half of a face with eye closed. The dog’s legs are the fingers of a hand along side of the cheek as if resting. That makes thirteen!

  18. if everybody is counting the baby as a figure, there are actully ten faces in this painting the tenth face is in the upper left handside just below the corner

  19. Anyone see a face in the area to the left of the left column? Two dark splotches make eyes, the next lower splotch is the mustache. White splotches make the collar.

  20. i c only 8 people and idk if the crows make up a face or not…..kinda wierd…………this is hard….

  21. This is kinda Strange realy cool though this is the best mirrage yet ……this is hard..but cool…..idk if the crows make up a face or r they just there…..???? HMMMMM

  22. I can see all the other ones mentioned above BUT !! I can also see one at the bottom of the pillar on the left just above the wall the pillar is on looks like a woman side view long hair maybe with a crystal ball next to her ??

  23. Believe it or not, it took me a second glance to see the big old man’s face. I could only see the two people inside the face at first!

  24. I played with this one a lot, lightened it, altered colors and shading. It is amazing-if I count all the faces I can see(not just human), I come up with at least 26!!!!!
    But the nine human faces are pretty easy to find. In my counting I had 10. So maybe the big face isn’t supposed to be considered one of the ‘hidden’ faces. I didn’t include the baby as he/she/it really has no facial features.

  25. i found the nine people before getting here but i had to see if the other found the same as me …i wasn’t sure if the baby counted,

    i also found the 2 other people kissing in the cloud,that josu talked but i don’t think it’s there intentionaly ( intentionellement ), it’s only because we think too much or have too much imagination….like when you look a the cloud and see a dinosaur or something and you the only one who see it( the real cloud, not the picture )

    that why i had to see if people had same answer than me , i wasn’t sure too if the one you see in front behind the crow counted

  26. 9? I quit after 20! There are faces all over the place! There are 3 people just in the top part of the dress upside-down! there’s a face in the front legs of the dog! there may be a hundred people in this picture!

  27. omg wen u look at it hard it is harder 2 c the people but if ur not trying that hard u can c heaps!
    i found about 7 and the dog

  28. I found 11! truthfully!

    1. The bearded in the middle of the photo
    2. Woman’s face above the column on the upper right corner
    3. The man with the hat
    4. The woman carrying the baby 5. The baby 6. The face right above the left column with the bird post making up the forehead and nose
    7. The face right above #5, nose and forehead ade up of bird’s chest outline
    8. The face right underneath the bird’s tail on the left
    9. Side view of a face right bellow a bird’s tail on the left
    10. the man in the pirates hat next to the column on the lower left side
    11. the base of the column with the crow is a clearly a man in a hat and white gloves.

  29. I am the only one that found a 10th face? The last one is small. It is right below the old man’s butt. It’s an outline of a face looking to the right. It is every bit as good as that one with the bird making up the forehead and nose.

  30. ..im so sad.. _sigh_
    ..i only found 8..
    ..maybe there is only 8 ppl!!
    ..neh there is 9 ppl!!
    ..but i still go for 8!

  31. OMG A BABY IS A PERSON SO IT COUNTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD!!!!! jeez………
    i keep losin track of how many i find…. this illusions gettin annoyin though….

  32. I found 9…I’m 15 and i figured it out in 5 minutes. There are two big, old man faces. then there is the old man inside the big profile. that makes three. then there is the woman and her baby, which makes 5. then there are two faces behind the bird on the left side of the picture, makes 7. then there are two on the very right of the picture, the side profile and the face using the same eye.

  33. we found 10 faces. Face number 10 is located at the bottom of the column located on the left side of the old man’s face.

  34. There are 10 if you count the baby…but you can “imagine” lots of partial faces in the clouds. Also, the dog is part of the large man…the cobblestones are part of his jacket and the dog is part of his hand clutching the jacket.

  35. 1.The big head.
    2.The woman in his head.
    3.The baby.
    4.The man with the cane.
    5.The baby head on the upper left.
    6.The profile view in it.
    7.The other one on the other side of the post.
    8.The one above it.
    9.The one on the upper right.
    10.The dog.
    So I found ten!!! I’m getting good!

  36. I see 11..the 9 mentioned – plus the old man wearing the hat that forms is the eye and nose of bearded man is also 2 people embracing..the one on the left is wearing the hat and face is hidden by the head (side profile) of the shorter person on the right.

  37. I found out 10 faces as opposed to the 9 mentioned in the question!Lady, baby in her arms, big face, 2 guys facing each other in his beard, woman’s face extreme right on the pillar, 2 faces on extreme left pillar, 1 straight, 1 facing west, 2 people to the left of that pillar, one on top of the other, first profile is beside the crow and the next one is just below.

  38. i can only see 5 people it is imposible to see the rest and no one will probably see them ither so i wouldent bother + this is funnny i could do this insted of my eye tests lol g2g bye lol x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.

  39. 1. There are three heads next to the left pillar next to the bird.
    2. There are two heads next to the right pillar. the other one you just see the chin, lips, nose, and the fore head.
    3. Tge sixth head is of an old man with a stick next to the nose.
    4.The seventh is the lady.
    5.Number eight is the baby
    10 the ninenth is that whole head that we all see.

  40. I found 11 in total, and that number does not include the baby nor dog…
    *Hint- Look in the grasses*

  41. i just manage to find 7 of them.
    to be honest.
    dear admin.
    I have taken your pic and posted it on my blog.
    would you mind?
    If you do mind,ill delete it immediately.
    thx btw for nice sharing.

    1. I only found eight, not counting the baby…
      is the “beard” the “hair for that last one?

  42. found all 9:
    1. Big man with mustache in the center
    2. Man with hat and walking stick
    3. Woman beside man with hat
    4. Child in Woman’s arms
    5. Profile of woman’s head in top right
    There are four in the top left:
    6. portrait of a face to the left of the pillar
    7. profile view of face left of the pillar nose mouth and chin defined by the pillar
    8. profile view of face right of the pillar nose mouth and chin defined by the pillar.
    9. just above no 8. profile view of face, nose and eyes defined by the birds.

  43. 1. the big face
    2. the old man
    3. the beard of the old man.. the face is facing on the left showing it’s profile and it is drawn upside down.
    4. the lady
    5. the baby
    6.the face near the left side pillar.. near the crow
    7.the face under neat the crow, slightly slanting down
    8/9. two more at the top left corner of the picture.
    10. the face on the right pillar showing it’s profile
    OH MY. i can see that there are ten faces! hahaha

  44. theres 2,00000000000000 faces:
    poo gloggle the 2nd
    angel gaylert
    the one on the loo in left hand corner
    mand harty smhitter

  45. 1. the big face
    2. the old man with the cane.
    3. the lady.
    4. the baby in lady’s arms.
    5. the face above the left side pillar
    6. the face facing the crow.
    7. the face looking at the crow’s butt.
    8. the top left corner of the picture behind the crow facing you.
    9. the face above the right pillar.

    1. I said that as a joke, but when I zoomed in 400% I actually saw what looks like an old man’s face on the tip of the dog’s tail. Who else sees it?

  46. found 10.
    1.the obvious face in the centre

    2. the woman

    3. the baby

    4. the man with the cane

    5. (in the face of the man with the cane theres another i found, look carefully)

    6+7. where the bird is sitting on the wall, theres a face either side of the pillar

    8. baby face to the left of the small pillar where the bird is.

    9. directly to the right of the bird

    10. to far right on top of the wall

    the dog doesnt count as it says “people”

  47. I found all the ones mentioned here except I didn’t include the dog (which looks more like a cat to me considering its ears and fluffy tail.)

  48. not sure if its a face..

    bottom right column, right side. small face of an old man(?) facing right… its pressed against the side of the picture.

  49. Since there are clearly an awful lot of “mentally challenged” people out there, here’s a little clarification to help:

    – a dog is not a person, so it doesn’t count

    – a baby is a person, so it counts

    – there are exactly and only 9 PEOPLE in this picture. The “extras” some try to insist are there are just their imaginations trying to concoct a person’s face even though it isn’t there.

    – 1 + 1 = 2

    That last one isn’t really relevant, but judging by some of the responses, I figured some of you might be having a hard time with math as well.

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