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By on December 18, 2013, with 1 Comment

You know, it doesn’t matter how many of these 3D animated optical illusion GIFs I come across, I’ll always absolutely love them. They give off a brilliant effect that you just don’t get with a regular non-animated image. Basically, these images provide you a really cool effect without having to wear any sort of goofy glasses on your head or having to own some sort of special monitor / television screen. That’s just another reason to love these 3D gif optical illusions. They can transform an image from being a regular ol’ non-animated boring image into something that is much cooler. Below, you’ll find a 3D animated GIF of a water fountain.

3D Water Fountain Optical Illusion

As you can see, this is an absolutely beautiful animated GIF. It looks like you could just reach out and touch the water and/or the fountain. This has to be one of my favorite animated GIF optical illusions that I have ever came across. Do you enjoy this type of optical illusion? If so, you should leave a rating for this post and let us know how you feel about these types of posts. You could also leave a comment to let us know how you feel. I certainly hope you enjoyed the post, because you got to check out a cool 3D effect without having to pay the expensive price that a movie theater would charge you. :)


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  1. John D says:

    Is it possible to make 3-D animated gif’s which switch back and forth 30 times/sec so that one sees the 3-D effect without noticing the back-and-forth motion?

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