3D Bomb Optical Illusion

I could look at 3D art installation pictures all day long and I could never get tired of them. It is just amazing to me that there are people out there that can create practically anything with a pencil and a sketch pad. It’s amazing when someone does a beautiful drawing, but an art installation is on a whole other level of creativity. Art installations are when someone does a drawing that gives off a nice 3D effect. Below, you will find a picture of one of the greatest 3D optical illusions that I’ve ever came across. I seriously have so much respect for people that are able to pull off drawings like this. They have an immense amount of talent and they show it off on paper. Scroll down to check out the amazing 3D art installation I’m talking about.

3D Bomb Art installation Optical Illusion

Now, do you see what I’m talking about? If you weren’t absolutely amazed by the picture above, you are a very hard person to please. I find this art installation particularly excellent, because of the use of the pipe in it, which puts off an excellent 3D effect. Also, as you can see, there’s a little button in the picture that the person who drew it makes it seem as if you could reach out and easily press the button. I think that this level of interaction with a sketch is amazing. Do you like this 3D art installation? If so, you should let us know by leaving a comment or rating this post.

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