3 Little Piggies Went To Market…

Beacause of the picture’s depth, it appears that the pigglet behind is bigger then two little ones in the front. Try not looking at the background, and you’ll notice that all three pigs are of exact same size. Only first pig (down-left) is bigger then others. I decided to put this illusion up, because it looks really sympatic. Did you like it (at least little ;)?

24 Replies to “3 Little Piggies Went To Market…”

  1. well it’s playing with perspective right?! something further should be smaller.. so it looks bigger when it’s the same size.. plus you have the bigger at front as a comparison to make the 2 front piggies look even smaller

  2. yeh its kl. the piggy behind does look bigger at first glance than the front ones (except the left front one) coz of the perspective thing.

  3. The biggest one is actaully the smaller one, his nickname is thewizeard, the smaller one you can send him an emale..or is it the other way round. Is thewizeard really the owner of Oink?

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