2 “Accidental” Shadow Illusions

I have re-ordered my sidebar, and added minor design changes. What do you think of it? Should I lower the amount of ads? Are they annoying, or you haven’t even noticed them? Please share your thoughts on this, since it’s very important for me to have clean looking design on Mighty Optical Illusions. Also, friend of mine sent me these two shadow illusions. Somehow they remind me of our long lost article called “Come to The Dark Side“, even though right comparison should be with “Shadow Couple“, “Block Shadow Girl“, and the original “Amazing Shadows Collection“. I like this kind of stuff, cause it makes me think. What is your opinion?

52 Replies to “2 “Accidental” Shadow Illusions”

  1. the first 1 looks good but the setup is obvious.
    the second 1 seams like the shadow is painted on the wall since i cant seam to see where the arm is coming from.
    as for the adds after years of online activity im programed to ignore adds :P

  2. Pretty cool! I don’t think they were Photoshopped, what would be the point then? And I think the ads are fine, not too obtrusive at all…of course it would be nice not to have any at all, but if it brings in a few pennies that help you support this website, I’m all for it!

  3. kind of wish they would have given us other angles so we could see how the shapes formed the shadow. and the just hanging glass kind of gives me the creeps, fun illusions either way

  4. the shadow in the second one is impossible; the wine falling from the glass does not correspond with the shadow, and indeed the arm and stuff are missing. The thought is nice though.

  5. Great stuff! I love that kind of thing!

    I’m having a problem with the second advertisement down in the sidebar. (The one underneath the word ‘Sponsors’. For me it’s for Blogger.) It doesn’t fit – I can only see half of it! I can provide a picture if needed.

  6. the illusion widget for igoogle is not working for me.

    I dont know weather it is me or you that is the problem.

    Also I hardly notice the ads along the side, as long as they are not dating ones, those are just annoying.

  7. I’ll be honest with you about the ads: I use Firefox with Adblock plus. I haven’t seen a single internet ad in years. I just see blank space below “Sponsors.”

  8. I think the second one is fake, there is nothing to make the shadow of the body and arm..?

    And I think the ads on this site are tolerable since they’re controlled and in one place, I don’t notice them really.

  9. The second picture is not projecting a shadow, there is an ‘invisible’ woman sitting on the chair – hence the spilling wine and shoes on the table.

  10. Interesting! The invisible man having a glass of wine and hard materials assuming the shape of a soft and flexible animal. I like bought.
    The advertisement is not so bad, as long as they’re quiet in their corner they don’t annoy.

  11. the first one looks real enough, but i think the second one is photoshopped because there is no object anywhere that could make the shadow of the arm or head… it makes no sense

  12. These deff don’t look accidental, but interesting stil the same.

    The ads are fine where they are, not overly intrusive. After all have to pay the bills so can’t go without ads all together.

  13. I like the 1st one
    At first i didn't understand the 2nd one but now I think I get it..
    I think it's meant to look like the lady is there but is invisble.. The wine is spilling and the hair towel is floating where her head should be. That would explain why her arm is in the shadow and where her neck comes from :)

    I hope you understand from my explanation, I can't explain things very well >< sorry

  14. the fact that accidental is in quotes means it’s sarcastic, its meant to be just interesting how the shadow looks like something its not.

    i thought the second one was very creative, as though showing an invisible person whose shadow still appears.

    as for the ads, i just ignore them wherever i go online. get as much money as you can from people who’ll buy that space, as far as im concerned.

  15. love it. But I agree photoshopped. Ads are okay but my 14 year old loves to look at the illusions and The advertisement for screen savers on the second page (girl in bikini on beach) is a problem!

  16. Um yeah, that’s why he put “accidental” in quotations.
    It’s pretty obvious that at least the second one in staged that way.

  17. the first 1 is an obvious setup you can tell by the “head” that was a cop out
    the second 1 i think the towels are solid and not fabric and the wine falling is to straight its a pole holding the glass up, i don’t know how the head towel is floating but i think wires as for the missing shadow part it could be a cutout infront of the lamp it does not have to be post work (aka photoshoped)

  18. Yes REAL first comment, that’s the ad this illusion reminded me of! I remember seeing it before, but where???
    The first pic makes sense, but the second one is kind of baffling. There’s no way wine flows straight down like that once it enters the mouth from the glass, unless it really did drip outside of the body. Anyways, I also call shop on this one.
    AdBlocker +, gotta get this. Can’t stand dating ads on other sites. The ads on this site are fine though.

  19. Well, the second pıcture ıs actually possıble, ıf the thıngs that proȷect the shadow are behınd the camera angle.

    —Ilhuıtemoc δ

  20. Thats brilliant. 21 explained it well enough.. but i c.
    an’t see how the glass, and slippers are placed like that
    I just ignore the ad’s, as long as they don’t flash you don’t notice them.

  21. Not bad, intrigued me enough to get me to the site a couple of occasions. the adds have to have some integrity though. I can only be the 1,000,000th visitor 6 times right or is it 7? And the flashing my dog is behind me having seizures and i have a migraine. Keep up the good work!

  22. The ads are fine, I like the design… ads are an evil we can’t avoid.

    As for the photos … the first one looks like it could be an accident and someone said “Oh cool! Take a pic!”

    The second one was photo shopped though… there’s nothing creating an arm or the neck for the shadow. I didn’t like it because it feels like the person who created it said “Oh they’re idiots, they’ll never notice”

  23. The second one is where the woman has completely disappeared or is invisible but other objects aren’t.

  24. They don’t look very accidental to me… and how does the second one work?? I can’t c how that looks like a woman in the shadow…

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