Ziggedy-Zag-Zag Illusion

How about this one: the detail of one of the corners. The inlays in the middle column create the optical illusion that the the flat sides are cut in. There are only 3 sides of the black and white zigg-zagged corners, not 6. If you understood what I ment, I belive you will find this illusion quite interesting. When you feel ready, try to solve Bent Aluminium Illusion, and check more from “Seemingly Bent Category”.

20 Replies to “Ziggedy-Zag-Zag Illusion”

  1. i see….so, correct me if I’m wrong, the ziggity zag things on the outside dont really go down, and neither does the center one? heh. thats cool. flat….up….flat…..down….flat….

  2. that’s my favorite. I’ve been checking out the site for about 3 weeks with my new wiget on my new most awesome apple computer, was a pc owner will never go back, loving the widget and loving the illusions. thanks!

  3. To me it looks like there was a line drawn down the center of the three sides, where the zig-zags meet, and this makes the illusion that there are 6 sides to it. Maybe?

  4. There are only three sides if u look to the line below to the ring, u will see left side, middle and the right side. but it looks like folded, which make the structure 6 views. That is amazing.

  5. If the zig-zag lines are painted there for the RING is not real as well … So its really ONLY two sides and illusionary created corner or angle, I believe so :) Awesome though !!!!

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