Young Lady, Old CLEANER Illusion

So, Wedde-Lynn Doe sent us this funny comic the other day. Her timing was perfect, because just today I’ve stumbled upon an exactly the same real life illusion! Both of them can be seen inside this article. I think that guy is going to be disappointed when he sees what’s casting that shadow in the first picture… Does this illusion ring any bell? What if I showed you this one first?

28 Replies to “Young Lady, Old CLEANER Illusion”

    1. its not a shadow you are supposed to see,its seeing the man carrying the mop from behind, looks like a woman with black hair and

  1. cool but imagine u see that (and im shortsighted) and u think its somewone u actually KNOW and u come up and then…. u can guess what happenes next!

  2. wooooow! Im wondering how did that person look to strangers taking a pic of a old guy carrying a mop. Weird?

  3. Ha Ha love it, very funny. I like the old hag and the young lady one as well. Although I always find it hard to see the young lady.

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